Le second émulateur de Nintendo DS créé par l’équipe de Gebea. En voici les changements:

– CPU: Fixed a bug in ARM SUBS in IRQ mode
– CPU: Changed emulation of the VBlankIntrWait SWI a bit
– GPU: Fixed a bug introduced in r6 where VRAM display screens would disappear
– GPU: Fixed a bug with incorrect OBJ sizes in some cases
– GPU: Added support for extended palettes in VRAM banks F-H
– GUI: The close-button on the Video output window is now disabled
– GUI: Added support for loading and saving palettes in MS PAL format
– GUI: The palette viewer can now view extended palettes
– GUI: There is now an auto-update option in the palette viewer
– GUI: Fixed a few bugs in the disassembler, and added some more opcodes
– GUI: Starting a ROM by double-clicking it in explorer after associating the file type with Dualis now works
– GUI: Toggling the OBJ layer on/off now works

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