Nouvelle version de ce manager de roms qu’est clrmame.

– added: batchrun-> always use « update » when loading a new/unused profile
– added: settings-> pathselector->global addpaths. You can specify global addpaths which are used in any profile.
– misc: scanner-> some workaround for initial filerequester strings containig a « . » when saving a fixdatfile
– misc: scanner-> when autosavefixdat is enabled and no fixdatname is set yet, the default fixdatfolder is used and no prompt appears
– misc: batchrun-> when using a 0 second batchrun, you can stop it by hitting cancel while scanning. You will see a prompt to stop the full batchrun.
– misc: profiler-> removed prompt about a successfully updated datfile
– misc: profiler-> profileupdate check doesn’t update dats with no name headerentry anymore
– misc: general-> backup and backup/_unknown folders are automatically used as addpaths in scanner AND rebuilder (scanner always was, rebuilder is new). For rebuilder you should be aware of the « remove rebuilt source » option in combination with addpaths now!!!

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