Une version de test de FBA est disponible, si ca plante il ne faudra pas pleurer 🙂

This is still an alpha release!

Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and
the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.

– Added an interface for audio DSP effects;
– Added a VST hosting module (plugins are found if located in a subdirectory
named vstplugins or in a custimisable alternate location);
– Changed the Neo Geo screen size to 320×224 pixels;
– Added controls to specify the visible area of any game;
– Fixed Neo Geo sprite drawing;
– The emulation and GUI now run in seperate threads, making the complete GUI
usable during online games;
– Fixed miscellaneous minor issues;

A noter qu’on devrait voir venir une version « stable » d’ici peu.

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