Nouvelle version pour ce frontend dont voici les changements:

– bug fix: Sorting by manufacturer not working
– added: New File « ini_filescontrol_types.ini » containing a list of all
control types listed in -listxml output (MAME based emulators)
– changed: Games list files (*.el) are updated to support « ini_filescontrol_types.ini »
Unfortunatelly you will have to recreate your games lists… except for
Daphne games
– bug fix: Control type not correct for lots of games
– bug fix: Games tooltip hints not displaying the correct string in columns other than
– bug fix: A few more memory leaks caused by the IconTools component… there are a bunch
of leaks caused by this component that I’ve been unable to fix :_(
– bug fix: Game play time and times played not being updated after playing games
– bug fix: Read-only checks on files before updating and/or saving to prevent
crash errors
– added: Option: « Display Read-Only Message » (preferences screen)
A warning message is displayed when atempting to write on an existing file
that is marked as read-only (disabled by default)
– bug fix: Error when setting a MAME emulator in the second MAME tab (Emulator Setup)
When f using only one binary, you must set it in the first MAME tab
– bug fix: Feature « Delete File » was not deleting AGEMAME games
– changed: Unique sound clips folder for each system (preferences, « Folders / Files » tab)
– changed: Background images for messages and input box screens
– changed: Buttons icons (
esourcesimages oolbarsuttons)
– changed: Removed the « flat » state of all buttons

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