Richard Gellman a reprit le développement de cet émulateur BBC.

* Added econet emulation. Still a few issues to iron out, it does not work
in Master 128 mode yet but the Acorn level 1 file server software works
in Model B mode. Note that the default DFS ROM in Model B mode has been
changed to the Acorn DNFS ROM.
(Note also that TORCHNET works using the Torch Z80 Co-Processor)
* Added some more command line options. The hardware model and tube support
can be specified on the command line. See the notes in readme.txt.
* Fixed default read value for IO pages FRED and JIM. Fixes graphics
corruption in tape version of Alien 8.
* Fixed bug in video emulation where it was attempting to display one too
many lines causing visual artifacts (thanks to Phil Sainty for
highlighting this one).
* Added SCSI ADFS Hard Disc support
* Added SASI Torch Z80 Hard Disc support
* Removed IDE support as no longer needed

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