L’émulateur multi-consoles MESS, vient d’être mis à jour en conformité avec Mame.

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
– Dragon 64 + Compusense Plus addon [Phill Harvey-Smith]

System Driver Changes:
– [APPLE2] Fixed stray C06x reads. [Chad]
– [APPLE2] Fixed write support on 5.25″ drives under certain situations.
– [ATVGA] Fixed lockups. [Barry Rodewald]
– [ATVGA] Fixed Video Display Disable bit and 256 color VGA for programs that
expect linear video memory, and implemented the Line Compare Register.
[Barry Rodewald]
– [CPCPLUS] Changed FPS from 50 to 50.080128205128205. [Barry Rodewald]
– [CPSCHNGR] Fixed regression introduced in 0.109. [Dr. Zer0]
– [DGNBETA] Fixed regression in disk code that prevented booting and a keyboard
error. Rewrote the video code. [Phill Harvey-Smith]
– [GBCOLOR] Added double speed mode support. (bug #300) [Wilbert Pol]
– [MPF1] New artwork. (bug #964) [Giel van Schijndel]
– [PC1512/1640] Fixed Amstrad keyboard. [Andrew Jenner]
– [SPECTRUM] Fixed snapshot loading regression introduced in 0.105. [Chad]
– [THOMSON] Added support for speech synthesis with the Phillips MEA 8000
chipset. [Antoine Mine]

User Interface Changes:
– Changed base help message, to reflect the actual command line options
available. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows] Fixed customize input dialogs. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that could cause changes in the device view to
not be reflected in the picker. [Nate Woods]

Imgtool Changes:

Source Changes:
– The core is based on MAME 0.110. This incorporates all features of the
update to this core. [MAME team]
– All image file accessing is now done through image.h, rather than using
mame_file objects. [Nate Woods]
– Introduced an image_ptr() call, which returns a pointer to all image data
valid for the lifetime of the image. [Nate Woods]
– Added a specialized exit code for MESS-related initialization. (bug #931)
[Nate Woods]
– Added the ability to disable tests in Messtest. [Nate Woods]
– Real time clocks now retrieve default times from the core. [Nate Woods]
– I286 fixes. [Barry Rodewald]
– Changed image_battery_load() and image_battery_save() to not return error
codes; clients of these functions should not act differently if these files
can’t be loaded or saved. [Nate Woods]

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