MAME Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à MAME. Voici les nouveautés:

– Changed: Options dialogue to support new renderer MAME.
– Fixed: crash when tray icon is right clicked when no games are in the list.
– Changed: program will now exit if a mame executable is not selected at startup.
– Added: search (on toolbar) which filters the current games in view.
– Added: Parent set column.
– Changed: Status bar now displays directory and parent (handy when not in details view).
– Fixed: Crash when Font dialogue was loaded (if no printer installed).
– Removed: ‘set not found in history database’ message.
– Fixed: Main menu and context menu items (show/hide statusbar) not in sync.
– Fixed: Show/hide tray didn’t work if set from Interface Options within context and tray menu.
– Added: F11 shortcut – toggles Fullscreen interface (games list).
– Changed: Escape no longer exits Full Screen Interface.
– Changed: View Menu Bar shortcut from Ctrl+M to Ctrl+U.
– Added: Select Random Set (File menu – Ctrl+R).
– Added: Optimised history.dat usage.
– Added: Added separate option for Always On Top (you might like this if mp keeps going into the
background after MAME has finished.
– Removed: project no longer uses MSCOMCTL.OCX; it uses COMCTL32.OCX instead. more controls
will be Xp themed if you use the manifest file.
– Changed: column header icons (arrows) now show on the right of the text.
– Added: available and unavailable list icons.
– Fixed: automatic highlighting of last game selected to find exactly and not partially.
– Removed: Quick scan, which basically checked for filenames only.
– Added: more font options, statusbar etc.
– Added: toggle tooltips.
– Added: Open Online URL to mp.ini (can be changed to preferred online database).
– Added: individual game options (mouse menu…Game Options [setname]).

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