Enfin une nouvelle mise à jour pour cet émulateur multi-arcades qui ajoute un paquet de drivers:

* Added driver for Diggerman (diggerma)
* Added driver for Jockey Grand Prix (jockeygp)
* Added driver for Metal Slug 5 (mslug5, ms5plus, ms5pcb)
* Added driver for Pochi and Nyaa (pnyaa)
* Added driver for Samurai Shodown V (samsho5, samsho5h, samsho5b, samsh5sp, samsh5sh, samsh5sn)
* Added driver for SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom (svc, svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, svcsplus, svcpcb, svcpcba)
* Added driver for The King of Fighters 2003 (kof2003, kf2k3bl, kf2k3bla, kf2k3pl, kf2k3upl, kf2k3pcb)
* Added driver for V-Liner (vliner, vlinero)
* Added driver for Zintrick (zintrckb)
* Added aof3k to the Art of Fighting 3 driver
* Added ct2k3sp to the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 driver
* Added kog to the King of Fighters '97 driver
* Added lastsold to the Last Blade driver
* Added mslug3b6 to the Metal Slug 3 driver
* Added ms4plus to the Metal Slug 4 driver
* Added fswords to the Samurai Shodown III driver
* Added lans2004 to the Shock Troopers 2 driver
* Added kof10th, kf10thep, kf2k5uni, kf2k2mp, kf2k2mp2, kf2k2pls, kf2k2pla, kof2k4se to the King of Fighters 2002 driver
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the kizuna, kof2000, kof2001, kof2002, lastblda, matrim, mslug4, and rbff1 drivers
* Added emulation for PVC Protection
* Added extra emulation for various bootlegs and gambling games
* Enabled a protection patch for Metal Slug X making the game playable
* Updated Universe BIOS to latest version (2.2)
* Added missing bioses from MAME
* Added a compile-time define in the Neo-Geo driver to strictly match the MAME bios set for romset validation purposes
* Removed driver for bangbedp

* Added the decryption algorithm routines to allow games to be decrytped without XORs
* Removed the XORs from drivers where the decryption key is known
* Added driver for Hyper Street Fighter 2 (hsf2a)
* Added driver for Puzz Loop 2 (pzloop2, pzloop2j)
* Added 19xxa to the 19XX driver
* Added avspa to the Alien vs Predator driver
* Added armwar to the Armored Warriors driver
* Added ddsomr1, ddsomr3 to the Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of Mystara driver
* Added ddtodr1 to the Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom driver
* Added mshj to the Marvel Super Heroes driver
* Added mshvsfj2 to the Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter driver
* Added spf2ta to the Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo driver
* Added ssf2tbr1 to the Super Street Fighter 2 driver
* Added ssf2u to the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo driver
* Added xmvsfu to the X-Men vs Street Fighter driver
* Emulated the paddles in Puzz Loop 2 (pzloop2, pzloop2j)
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the armwar, avsp, ddsom, ddtod, dstlk, msh, mshvsf, msvc, progear, sfa, sfa3, sgemf, spf2t, vhunt2, and xmvsf drivers
* Corrected the descriptions in the Cyberbots driver
* Disabled drivers for games without XORs or decryption keys

* Added cawingr1 to the Carrier Air Wing driver
* Added ffightua to the Final Fight driver
* Fixed the Saturday Night Slam Masters driver so the games now boot
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the forgottn, sf2, and varth drivers
* Removed driver for knightsh

* Added driver for Hell Fire (hellfire, hellfir1, hellfir2)
* Added driver for Truxton (truxton)
* Added driver for Zero wing (zerowing)
* Added batsugna to the Batsugun driver
* Added outzoneb, outzonec to the Out Zone driver
* Fixed the dip switches in the Out Zone driver
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the bbakraid, dogyuun, outzone and shippumd drivers

* Added donpachk to the Donpachi driver
* Added theroes to the Gaia driver
* Added uopoko to the Puzzle Uo Poko driver
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the btlkroad, ddonpach, dfeveron, donpach, gaia and uopoko drivers

* Added driver for Cooki and Bibi 2
* Added driver for Cooki and Bibi 3
* Added driver for More More
* Added driver for More More Plus
* Added driver for Puzzle King
* Added driver for Toppy & Rappy
* Added driver for Twinkle
* Added driver for XESS - The New Revolution (SemiCom 3-in-1)
* Added gtstarba to the Guardian driver
* Added newsa to the News driver
* Added slapftuk, slapfgtr to the Slap Fight driver
* Added snowbroc to the Snow Bros. driver
* Added solomon to the Solomons Key driver
* Added s1945a, s1945k to the Strikers 1945 driver
* Added supermanj to the Superman driver
* Added tigerhb2 to the Tiger Heli driver
* Added daisenpu to the Twin Hawk driver
* Fixed the sound generated by the YM2151 in the Final Star Force driver
* Fixed the hang bug in the Rastan driver when starting the game
* ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the gunbird, opwolf, rastan, s1945, solomon, tengai and tigerh drivers

* Added a NODUMP flag for rom definitions and updated DAT file generation and rom scan routines to support it
* Increased the max length of a rom name to 32 characters
* Added support for the extra V-Liner inputs to the input dialog
* Made game selection dialog wider to accomodate longer game titles
* Fixed the player descriptions in the input dialog (Player 0 becomes Player 1, etc.)[/CODE]

edit: Le pack de screenshots est à présent à jour.

Télécharger Preview Pack (In Game) v0.2.97.43 (91,2 Mo)

Télécharger IDLE r23 (2018/02/12) (317,3 Ko)

Télécharger Chankast Front-End v2 (243,5 Ko)

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