Nouvelle version alpha pour ce très bon manager de roms alternatif à clrmame et qui a l’avantage d’être très intuitif par rapport à son concurrent, en voici les changements depuis la précédente version:

Bugs fixed:
– Vista compatibility improved
– Enable/disable menus sorted out
– Many, many fix on the rom repairing/displaying/updating process
– More delete files sent to bin (can be restored)
– Fixed a bug in arcade.dll when dealing with CHD
– slightly different behaviour of the splash screen
– Unavailable/dropped options are removed from the interface

– ‘Close database’ menu
– ‘Update database’ menu
– Old databases are updated to a new version at startup if needed
– Add ‘statistics’ window (right click on database node for now)
– Update to Database engine 2.0.3
– ‘select all, clones, main…’ menu are back
– Add ‘Test zip files’ in fix process.
– New mame xml format
– Installer included

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