Ciro vient de mettre à jour emuloader, voici les nombreuses améliorations:


Fixed Games Data to get the .dat files from the correct folder, when switching between M.A.M.E. executables
Access violation when Show Preliminary Games Disabled is toggled
Bug that was not removing a game from the list, after deleting it from the favorites list
Bug that was not re-ordering the games after deleting a game from the favorites list
Loading real icons after Emu Loader is initialized, the No Real Icon icon was not being updated correctly
Frameskip option on DOS MAME was skipping the 0 (zero) value
A few items was not being translated correctly
Finally I figure out the Big Icons view mode bug when using Windows XP
It was not being caused by Delphi 6, I just forgot to add a test for invalid game indexes, when adding games to the list
Parental Lock and User Profile login/logout screen are being correctly translated
User Profile feature have lots of bugs fixed… if not all
Parental Lock feature have lots of bugs fixed… if not all
Lots of internal fixes


Changed the default logo for a darker one, like the NoSnapshot ones. The original logo is still available, though
Minimize Frontend When Running Games option is enabled by default, and it’s description has changed to Minimize Frontend
Custom Games can now be added into favorites lists
Full Screen option is moved from Advanced Tools to View main menu
Games Data and Show Games Info options are moved from Games to View main menu
Total Play Time and Selected Game Total Play Time options are moved from Advanced Tools to View main menu
Game Filters is now changed to meet the other options on the toolbar… thru a popup menu (this fixes a few bugs)
Slideshow Timer is moved to Preferences screen
Stretch Picture option is moved to Pictures main menu
Various visual changes, specially on the Login / Logout screens
Game Info screen now have the info of all columns (visual needs improvement…)


Save Games List to HTML feature
Unavailable Games Warning option
Invert RBG Colors option
Grayscale Picture option
Switch « Play Game » hot-key option
Check For Missing Pictures feature
Check For Invalid Pictures feature
Check For Missing Icons feature
Check For Unneeded Icons feature
Use Resource Pictures Transparency option (this option is always on by default)
Use Pictures Transparency from main menu Pictures (now is available only in Preferences screen)
Ignore « mame.cfg » option from Preferences screen (DOS MAME related)
Error Log option from Preferences screen (DOS MAME related)
The file Samples.dat is no longer generated when creating games lists


Custom Games internal functions
Add / Delete Favorites Games
Various functions and procedures on the core
Font styles are now saved on EmuLoader.ini using integer values
Some options on EmuLoader.ini are optimized for easier and faster reading
Some features on toolbar buttons, specially the game filters (All Games, Classic, Neo Geo, etc…)

New Additions

Export Games List to Text File option (main menu File)
This feature will export the shown games list to a .txt file with the following format: « Game Description (Game Name) »
New main menu item: Emulator
All emulator related menu items are now grouped on this main menu
Preferences screen is finally added to the translation feature
New tab on Preferences screen: M.A.M.E. under the General main tab
This tab will contain all extra options for MAME, which doesn’t exist on the emulator
Horizontal Aspect Ratio and Vertical Aspect Ratio for MAME (Win32 MAME only)
Use these new options to set a custom aspect ratio for both horizontal and vertical games. The options are in Preferences screen, under Miscellaneous tab, on a a new frame box called M.A.M.E.
To activate / deactivate this feature, there’s an option called Use Custom Aspect Ratio. If you don’t activate this option, it will not work
Note: To select the default aspect ratio, do a mouse right-click on the selection bar (both bars)
Extra Command Line Parameters for M.A.M.E.
With this new feature, you can add any new parameter to be included on the command line, before running the emulator
Useful when a new M.A.M.E. is released with new options that the frontend doesn’t support
There is an activate/deactivate option as well

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