MESS, sur le même principe que MAME, veut devenir L’EMULATEUR multi consoles/ordinateurs de référence.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04811: [Gameplay] (coco3.c) coco3, coco3h: RTC emulation is not working (micko)

New System Drivers Supported:
- Kristall 2 [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Ensoniq VFX, Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus and Ensoniq SQ-1. [R. Belmont, Parduz]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
- Elekscmp [Robbbert]
- PIPBUG [Robbbert]
- Chaos [Robbbert]
- Dolphin [Robbbert]
- Instructor [Robbbert]

Skeleton drivers:
- HUMAX HDCI-2000 [Lukasz Markowski]
- Krista 2 [Miodrag Milanovic]

System Driver Changes:
-votrtnt: hook up to the ´new´ votrax device; produces horrible noise
now. [ Robbert]

-tvc: Added sound. [Sandro Ronco]

-apollo: Properly reset all motherboard devices on a 68k RESET
instruction; makes the PROM "RE" command work properly.
[Hans Ostermeyer]

-vidbrain: Fixed video and added sound. [Curt Coder, Kurt Woloch]

-DEC Rainbow: More keyboard i8251 hookup, also assume Z80 halted on
boot. [R. Belmont]

-tvc: added cassette load/save. [Sandro Ronco]

-uk101: Added new boot rom which allows basic to work. Added the
missing Reset key. Added notes. [Robbbert]

-More Z8001 work, M20 now passes memory test [Christian Grössler]

-vic20:Implemented the user port. [Curt Coder]

-m20: Add i8255 and 2x i8251 skeleton hookups. BIOS still fails
because they are not connected to anything. [R. Belmont]

-lisa: Fixed MMU behavior in setup mode, system runs POST again.
[R. Belmont]

-lisa: Hooked up SCC, serial POST tests now pass [R. Belmont]

-lisa: Fixed polarity of COPS handshake signal, POST now passes.
[R. Belmont]

-m20: hook up CRTC readback, 6845 test passes. [Christian Grössler]

-m20: Hooked up 8253 PIT and 179x FDC. [Christian Grössler]

-m20: Hook up PIT timers 1 and 2 to clock the 8251s. Serial data
written to the keyboard is weird - maybe wrong values for the PIT
timers? [R. Belmont]

-tvc: added emulation of HBF floppy interface. [Sandro Ronco]

Software Lists:
-snes.xml: added some prototypes [ReadOnly] (formerly MESSfan)

-tvc_cart.xml: added a few more carts. [K1W1]

-a800.xml: new entries, updates and further verifications [K1W1]

-pico.xml: added new Japanese dumps [Team Europe]

Source Changes:
-Initial work in preparation for some modernization on the whole
megadriv.c file, starting with better splitting of actual drivers
(megadriv.c, megacd.c, mega32x.c, megasvp.c and megavdp.c).
[David Haywood]

-8530SCC: Read back tx/rx status bits correctly [R. Belmont]

-Made Z8001 I/O 16 bits wide, proper 8259 PIC hookup on M20 (no EC
tests fail now) [R. Belmont, Christian Grössler]

-Fix *BSD compile [ElBarto]

-Added Microsoft Natural Keybaord emulation. [Wilbert Pol,kevtris]

-ISA_EGA: Fixed several text mode issues identified by running AT
diagnostics. [Wilbert Pol]

-Fix apple2c0 and friends that assume IWM rather than Woz state machine
[R. Belmont]

-Fixed to read tags from DiskCopy 4.2 files properly. Lisa requires
this. [R. Belmont] [/CODE]

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x86] v0.200 (28,9 Mo)

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x64] v0.198 (27,0 Mo)

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