Créé par zeromus et rheiny (aka SP) et rejoint par mz, adelikat, nitsujrehtona, Ugly Joe, maximus, CaH4e3 (Demul, FCEU-MM), Sebastian Porst (FCEUXD SP), qfox et Lucas Sabota. Sans oublié le travail des anciens auteurs: Bero (FCE), Xodnizel (FCEU), Bbitmaster & Parasyte (FCEU XD), Blip & nitsuja (FCEU TAS), Luke Gustafson (FCEU TAS+).





– Mapper 225 Update to also support 255
– Mapper 235: Update support for 260-in-1 and add UNROM mode
– Mapper 268 (COOLBOY): Updated
– Added Mapper 342 (COOLGIRL) support
– Added Mapper 354 support
– Added Mapper 470 support
– UNROM-512 emulation fixes
– Added cycle IRQ mode for Konami VRC mappers
– Changed built-in palettes to be bit-shifted properly so that whites are pure FF
– Various fixes for issues caught by clang code sanitizers
– Added hotkey to allow for global enable/disable of cheats.
– Memory allocation and alignment code cleanup.

– Added protections to guard against corrupt save files.
Hex Editor
– Added ability to apply ROM file pasting as a single undoable action.
Trace Logger
– Changed disk flushing logic to be more efficient giving significant performance increase.
– Added support for loading IPS files on top of already loaded ROMs.

– Added logic to raise and shift focus to hex editor window when opening from debugger.
– Added separate hot keys for hard and soft NES reset functions.
– Added logic to prevent controller buttons that are bound to the keyboard from being active when family keyboard is enabled. Controller buttons that are mapped to physical gamepad or joystick are unaffected.
– Fixes for OpenGL blending parameters.
– Added option to use palette background color as video background.
– Added sound mute function. Accessible either via hot key or checkbox on sound config window.
– Added option to set fceux base/config directory path via FCEUX_CONFIG_DIR environment variable.
– Changed debugger data save file extension to be .fdb instead of .dbg so that it does not conflict/overwrite ld65 debug symbol files.
Trace Logger
– Now ensures that logged output is flushed to disk when emulator is paused. This ensures that latest data is available for inspection when stopped at a breakpoint.
– Implemented support for input.get() lua function binding.
– Added lua script loading via file drag and drop feature.
– Added new debugger.getsymboloffset lua function binding
– Added cmake SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH hook to allow setting of UTC timestamp for reproducible binary builds.
– Added clang address/undefined behavior sanitizer build option for unix debug builds.
– Upgraded Win64 build to link SDL2 library version 2.24.1
– Upgraded Win64 build to link ffmpeg library version 5.1.2
– Updated code to remove usage of ffmpeg 5.1.x deprecated symbols.
– Cleaned up a few compiler warnings


Version 32/64 bits / Version Qt 64 bits

Attention, la version 64bits est une version de développement, pour assurer la stabilité vous devez rester avec la version 32 bits pour le moment.

Télécharger FCEUX (32 bits) v2.6.5 (3.8 Mo)

Télécharger FCEUX (64 bits) v2.6.5 (55.6 Mo)

Télécharger FCEUX (Français) v2.6.3 (3.7 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit de la dernière version WIP de Meka, excellent émulateur Sega 8 bits. (Builds automatique ici / forum ici).

– Delete compat.txt.orig
– Add missing `*` in compat.txt indicating « Super 12 in 1 Game Gear » is not yet released
– Mapper `#28` MAPPER_GG_Super_12_in_1_FFFE for Super 12 in 1 Game Gear (Unl)
– Fix a typo that crept in due to copy and paste
– Update saves.cpp
– Update mappers.h
– MAPPER_SMS_Korean_MD_FFFA has three mapper registers, not two
– Update .gitignore to ignore Emacs temporary files


Télécharger Meka WIP v0.80.132 (2023/02/08) (2.4 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Extra M.A.M.E. est un GUI compatible avec MAME.

Quoi de neuf depuis la version précédente:
– MAME 0.251 compatible
– gamelist.txt was updated
– 13xxx games supported

Version 32 bits disponible sur le site officiel.

Télécharger ExtraMAME v23.1 (123.1 Mo)

Site Officiel

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BASINC est une version dérivée de BASin modifiée par Arda Erdikmen. Elle reprend le code source de la version R14 et de petites parties de la version R15.

Les changements sont:

– Added – UDG Editor Window, « Save » file option, CTRL+S, CTRL+O shortcuts, keeps track of open file and notify if there is a pixel modified as * in the title bar.
– Fixed – SimpleCON register couldn’t be displayed as text because it was initialized as 0, now it is spaces.
– Changed-SimpleCON window was popping up in every character output. Now it only pops up when linefeed.
– Fixed – Profile window was showing wrong token in strings. (reported by: lippmaje)
1.79.2 (19.05.2022)
– Added – Basin Update Check (disabled by default, enable in Options)


Télécharger BasinC v1.794 (3.0 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Zx Spectrum.

Les changements:
– implemented issue 2 keyboard emulation
– PZX tape file format reading support added
– implemented interactive on-screen keyboard
– other small improvements and bugfixes


Télécharger Swan (x86) v0.9.4 Beta (1.3 Mo)

Télécharger Swan (x64) v0.9.4 Beta (1.6 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Créé par Rich Whitehouse, BigPEmu est le premier émulateur Atari Jaguar et Jaguar CD à offrir une compatibilité avec l’ensemble de la bibliothèque de cartouches vendues dans le commerce et offre d’excellentes performances et une grande variété de fonctionnalités uniques.
A noter qu’à la base il s’agissait d’un emu closed source qui était intégré dans la compilation Atari50. Il s’agit sans l’ombre d’un doute du meilleur émulateur de Jaguar devant Phoenix (qui reste le meilleur émulateur de 3DO), les VirtualJaguar, Mame et tout le reste.



Les changements sont les suivants:
Jaguar CD support! This encompasses a whole bunch of new functionality. Thank you to Mycah Mattox for donating the Jaguar CD hardware, this hardware was essential for my research.
– Added -nodevicechange and -fulldevrefresh as command line options.
– Added -forceloadaddr and -forcerunaddr as command line options.
– Added -setcfgprop and -setcfgpropcat as command line options.
– Added -audiocapindex as a command line option, can be used when launching *VirtualDisc_SystemAudio as the ROM image via command line.
– Added -physdevindex as a command line option, can be used when launching *VirtualDisc_SystemPath as the ROM image via command line.
– Added another DirectInput workaround which may help prevent stuck analog controls on some machines. Thanks to neurocrash for spending a lot of time running tests for me on a machine where this was an issue!
– Fixed a problem with depth writes in 32-bit mode, thanks to 42Bastian for providing a test case.
– Fixed an issue with word strobes not being correctly scheduled until a write to SMODE/SCLK. (only relevant when running with no boot ROM set)
– Fixed a timing problem with EEPROM reads.
– Fixed scaling on monitors with a non-standard DPI.
– When adding a new individual input trigger in the binds menu, the prompt mode now defaults to « specify hold and button » instead of just « specify button ». (in line with binding all inputs via « Set All »)
– Lots of additional core emulation fixes which came along with CD support.
– Implemented some intentional redundancy in the OpenGL video plugin’s state management, to guard against things like Discord’s video capture poking around in the context without cleaning up after itself.
– With CD support wrapped up, I’m taking a short hiatus! I need to recouperate, generate some income, and prepare for the next phase of my cancer treatment. Please don’t inundate me with fix/feature requests via e-mail/Discord/etc. during this time. Instead, I ask that you use the less invasive Bug Report form on the web site. Thank you for your consideration!

PS : Pour choisir la langue, quand vous lancez l’émulateur, allez sur information / language / strings_fr.txt



Télécharger BigPEmu v1.0.5 (4.9 Mo)

Télécharger BigPEmu (français) v1.0.4 (5.0 Mo)

Site Officiel

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DS4Windows (site original) est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.
– Corrected list display of Press Key special action regarding Toggle status
– No longer enforce en-US values for Custom Bezier curve string. Might be a mistake
– Fixed saving of options for Macro special action. Model problem
– Check tray icon has been created before trying to show notification
– Fixed DS4KeyType check for shift modifier when multiple flags are used
– Ignore None KeyType flag for shift modifier
– Simplify shift modifier key type saving
– Fixed loading of Gyro Mouse Joystick trigger eval condition
– Added extra precautions when disconnecting from FakerInput
– Adding initial DualSense Edge support. Contribution by dezerving
– Updated zh-cn translatation. Contribution by jyc001
– Grab firmware info for DualSense controller


Version alternative (fork) ici.

Télécharger DS4Windows (x86) v3.2.8 (2.5 Mo)

Télécharger DS4Windows (x64) v3.2.8 (2.5 Mo)

Site Officiel

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RetroBat est un ensemble de scripts en Batch et Powershell écrits pour configurer et lancer facilement EmulationStation pour Windows. Cette interface est conçu pour rassembler votre collection de ROM et exécuter des jeux avec des émulateurs compatibles tels que RetroArch.
RetroBat peut télécharger et installer tous les logiciels nécessaires pour une bonne expérience de jeu vidéo sur votre PC.
En outre il est conçu pour fonctionner en mode portable ce qui signifie que vous pouvez l’exécuter de n’importe quel répertoire ou via un périphérique de stockage amovible (tel qu’une clé usb).


Les changements:

– PinballFX3 generator now launching directly tables
– Fix crash when 2 identical controllers were connected
– Fix cps1 and cps2 features mix-up
– Fix unability to quit some emulators with HOTKEY + START because of game focus option automatically set to on
– Fixed rpcs3 joystick axis inversion for XInput and Dualshocks
– Fixed yuzu controller configuration to add possibility to choose joystick type
– Fix some shaders not working with model2
– fix RetroBat not displaying on second monitor issue
– fix missing PCSX2 feature “skip bios”
– fix pcsx2 memcards path
– fix ES navigation in vertical mode (L1 / R1 usage)

– possibility to run pcsx2 in bigpicture mode
– add cycle_exact feature for winuae
– add actionmax support to daphne/Hypseus
– add language selection for Wii

– Some cleaning of unused code and typo errors corrections
– Removed libretro:redream from Dreamcast emulators list
– Removed no$GBA from GBA system


Télécharger RetroBat v5.1.1 (759.3 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit d’une interface utilisateur simple à utiliser destinée à mupen64plus, gratuite et open source elle est écrite en C++.

– Fix ndd/d64 files in zip files not working when the disk file is inside a subdirectory inside the zip file
– Fix ndd/d64 files in zip files not working correctly on windows
– Fix controller image in RMG-Input sometimes being stuck when having a trigger bound to a button
– Fix trigger mapping in RMG-Input
– Remove « Invert Axis Mapped To LRZ » setting in RMG-Input
– Add « Sort Results After Search » ROM Browser setting
NOTE: you might need to re-select your controller in RMG-Input
– Fix taking a screenshot not working in some cases (see mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#992)
– Fix some games being unable to save due to having an illegal character in the save filename (see mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#993)
– Fix OSD tab crash in GLideN64 (see gonetz/GLideN64#2752)
– Fix an issue where the graphics plugin would show the 64DD IPL as ROM name in the settings even after booting a cartridge
– Fix « Refresh ROM List » in Hotkeys tab in settings dialog not reverting back to defaults when clicking on ‘restore defaults’
– Fix « Remove Duplicate Keybindings » in settings dialog not behaving correctly in some cases
– Fix fallback application icons not respecting system icon theme on linux
– Add support for ndd/d64 files in zip files
– Add support for using the basename of the ROM filename for covers
– Add support for binding multiple inputs in RMG-Input
– Improve behavior of window when launching RMG with a ROM using the commandline
– Improve behavior of error message when emulation fails
– Improve behavior of hotkey buttons in settings dialog


Télécharger Rosalie's Mupen GUI v0.3.1 (43.2 Mo)

Site Officiel

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bsnes-plus (ou bsnes+) est un fork de bsnes (basé sur bsnes-classic) destiné à introduire de nouvelles fonctionnalités et améliorations, la plupart visant au débogage. Il s’agit donc d’une version améliorée de bsnes 073 ou l’on retrouve donc l’ancienne interface ainsi que les anciens menus. Plus d’informations ici.
Il s’agit d’une version WIP (en cours de développement) dite « instable » basée sur les dernières sources GIT du projet.

– Fix D-pad inputs on macOS
– Fix aeroplane mode turning on at regular intervals
– Remove unused macros and Qt translation
– Fix memory leak
– Replace X11 hack with DBus solution
– Some fixes

Cette version est compatible avec le pack de shaders disponible ici.
A noter que la version 32 bits n’est pas officielle (réalisée par Lo v2).

Télécharger bsnes-plus (x86) WIP v05.60 (2020/05/09) (7.6 Mo)

Télécharger bsnes-plus (x64) WIP v05.98 (2023/02/05) (12.5 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit de la dernière version officielle dite « instable » de Snes9x ajoutant les dernières nouveautés, améliorations et/ou corrections en provenance des sources GIT. Versions 32 et 64 bits dans l’archive.

Une petite partie de Starfox 2 (SNES Mini Edition) ?


…ou peut-être un Secret of Mana Français iOS Edition ?


Laissez tomber, je vais me faire la suite non officielle de Chrono Trigger plutôt :p


Les changements depuis le dernier build:
– Don’t close zip file when checking patches.
– Fix sequenced ips patch loading outside of zip.
– win32: Fix vk_mem_alloc.h compatibility break.
– win32: Fix a couple of crashes.
– unix: Make port compile.
– Gtk: Lower CMake required version.
– Merge pull request #813 from Atari2/fix-sa1-division
– See if this works for CI fixes.
– Misc fixes


Télécharger Snes9x TestBuild v1.61.1102 (07/02/2023) (8.9 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit de l’émulateur de Nintendo DS mais dans une version en cours de développement.

(Builds automatiques ou )

Télécharger DeSmuME (Dev) v0.9.14.1165 (2.6 Mo)

Télécharger DeSmuME (Français) v0.9.13 (25/05/2022) (2.1 Mo)

Site Officiel

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