Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Toshiba Pasopia 7.


Télécharger Pasopia7 (2021/10/12) (200.5 Ko)

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Il s’agit d’un gestionnaire de Rom entièrement écrit en Java et publié sous licence GPL v3.

Les changements:
– Java 11 is now a minimal source/target requirement
– Dropped obsolete/unmaintained NanoHTTPd, and using now only Jetty (as a result websocket was removed)
– Modularized code and dependencies to bundle inside a designated java runtime that target some specific platforms (currently JRE11 Windows/Linux/Mac for x86_64)
– Rebranded MSI installer for windows (using jpackage from Java 14+)
– Fix : No more locks in standalone gui (specifically encountered with Linux)
– Entirely reworked progress bar
– Web UI should be more responsive while scanning/fixing
– New process handling with adaptive mode
– More informative about what’s invalid in a datfile when it can’t be loaded
– updated service wrapper to 3.5.45 (include aarch64)
– First fully automated release using GitHub’s actions
– Code quality monitoring using sonarqube
– Added backup path setting per profile and globally
– Fixed and prettied batch dir updater results dialog
– Implemented source filters
– Various bug fixes


Télécharger JRomManager v2.5.0 (41.6 Mo)

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Créé par Near (ex byuu) et continué par Luke Usher (PolyBlast / CxBx-Reloaded) et d’autres, Ares est un émulateur multi-systèmes dont le développement a commencé le 14 octobre 2004. C’est un descendant de higan et bsnes. Il se concentre sur la précision et la préservation.

Ares émule les 30 machines suivantes:
– Famicom + Famicom Disk System
– Super Famicom + Super Game Boy
– Nintendo 64
– Game Boy + Game Boy Color
– Game Boy Advance + Game Boy Player
– SG-1000 + SC-3000
– Master System + Game Gear
– Mega Drive + Mega 32X + Mega CD
– Playstation
– PC Engine + PC Engine CD + SuperGrafx
– MSX + MSX2
– ColecoVision
– Neo Geo Pocket + Neo Geo Pocket Color
– Neo Geo AES
– WonderSwan + WonderSwan Color + SwanCrystal + Pocket Challenge V2

A noter qu’un pack de shaders est disponible ici.
Des packs MSU-1 sont disponibles ici.

Voici les informations depuis la dernière version d’ares:

ares v124 brings the compatibility rating for the Famicom and Nintendo 64 cores
up to three stars. This means that at least 80% of the game library is working.

There have been notable improvements to Game Boy, Mega Drive, Sega Mega CD,
Sega 32X and Nintendo 64 emulation, and the PC-Engine multi-tap is now supported.

Finally, the dynamic recompiler now generates slightly more efficient code. You
may notice a slight performance boost in Nintendo 64, Sega 32X and Sony


– Famicom: Add support for Jaleco JF11/JF14 mapper [Shideravan]
– Game Boy: Bring fast-boot closer to normal boot; Fixes Dr. Fraken [invertego]
– Game Boy: Use stable sort for sprites; fixes speech bubbles in Crayon Shin-chan 3 [invertego]
– Game Boy: Remove limit on window width; fixes pause screen in Heiankyo Alien [invertego]
– Game Boy: Emulate serial transfers with no link; fixes input in Alleyway [invertego]
– Game Boy: Improve handling of LCD/BG enable for DMG; fixes Hyper Lode Runner [invertego]
– Game Boy: Resume from halt whenever (IE & IF) != 0; fies Amazing Penguin [invertego]
– Mega Drive: Fix DMA transfer rate and H-Int signalling; fixes Another World, 3 Ninja’s Kick Back, Virtua Racing, Burning Force [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Fix sprite masking and overflow; Fixes Mickey Mania [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Fix DMA fill; Fixes Demons of Asteborg [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Fix VRAM byte addressing; Fixes Contra Hard Corps, Musha [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Fix VDP control port writes [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Implement HV Counter Patching [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Implement STOP instruction; fixes Thunder Force IV [TascoDLX]
– Mega Drive: Default to 3-button gamepad; fixes games that don’t support 6-button pads [Shideravan]
– Mega Drive/Mega CD: Fix detection of device rom header; allows Mode-1 to work [Luke Usher]
– Mega CD: Fix word-ram 1M access pattern; Fixes Lethal Enforcers II [TascoDLX]
– Mega CD: Fix H-Int vectoring; Fixes Microcosm, Silpheed, Wing Commander, and others [TascoDLX]
– Mega CD: Implement full graphics/1M wordram translations; fixes Rebel Assault [TascoDLX]
– Mega 32X: Tighten M68k sync; Fixes Kolibri and Fifa 96 [TascoDLX]
– Neo Geo Pocket: Fix off-by-one error in LDAR instruction; fixes a crash in SNK Gals’ Fighters [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Support controller ports 3 & 4 [LukeUsher]
– Nintendo 64: Better Flash Ram support; Fixes Majora’s Mask, Paper Mario, Derby Stallion 64 [jeltaqq]
– Nintendo 64: Add mempack/rumble status to database; eliminates controller pak/rumble pak warnings [remutro]
– Nintendo 64: Consume cycles to compensate for skipped RDRAM initialization; fixes Wave Race 64 Shindou Pak [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Fix PIF RAM init on cold boot, preserve RDRAM on warm reset; fixes Perfect Dark boot [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Default to 3 controllers for Jeopardy!, this game doesn’t work with 4 controllers, even on hardware [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Fix FPU compare and divide exceptions; Turok is now able to play the entire Acclaim logo animation [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Decrease SI DMA delay; improves Turok, Donkey Kong 64, Forsaken 64, Hercules, Triple Play 2000 [invertego]
– Nintendo 64: Implement perfect PI DMA write [rasky]
– PC Engine: Support Multi-Tap [LukeUsher]
– TMS9918: Widen vcounter to 9-bits; improves ColecoVision, SG-1000, MSX [invertego]
– desktop-ui: Support up-to 5 virtual controllers (For PC-Engine) [LukeUsher]
– desktop-ui: Fix window background with GTK3 [ghisvail]
– desktop-ui: Install icons in freedesktop compliant locations [ghisvail]
– desktop-ui/hiro: Improved macOS user experience [LIJI32]
– ruby: Fix conflated keys on Windows; fixes some keyboard input issues [invertego]
– nall: Use XDG base directories on *nix systems [ghisvail]
– shaders: Include a selection of public-domain shaders [LukeUsher]
– ares: Fix address masking in instruction tracer [invertego]
– ares: Fix warnings reported by clang [invertego]
– ares: Fix static init in node subclasses [invertego]
– ares: Use 64-bit integers instead of 128-bit integers in the scheduler [invertego]
– ares: Use IP relative direct branches in the recompiler, where possible [invertego]
– ares: Emit only one epilog per block in the recompiler [invertego]
– ares: add label API to recompiler to simplify branches [invertego]
– ares: Use fixed BSS allocation for code cache; improves recompiler performance [invertego]
– ares: Fix instructionEpilogue test [invertego]
– ares: Directly emit code for target ABI; generates more efficient code in the recompiler [invertego]
– ares: Avoid encoding absolute data addresses in the recompiler [invertego]
– nall: allow mingw headers to define MSVCRT_VERSION [invertego]
– nall: generate PDB when building with clang on windows [invertego]
– nall: allow generation of debug symbols with symbols=true [invertego]
– nall: link with lld wen building with clang on Windows [invertego]
– nall: Make thread movable but not copyable; fixes random UI hangs on Windows [invertego]
– mia: Fix MSU-1 rom loading [Luke Usher]


Télécharger Ares (32 bits) v114 (3.3 Mo)

Télécharger Ares (64 bits) v124 (4.8 Mo)

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PlayNite est un gestionnaire open source de bibliothèque de jeux vidéo et un launcher avec prise en charge des bibliothèques tierces telles que Steam, GOG, Origin, et Uplay. Incluant le support d’émulation de jeu et fournissant une interface unifiée pour vos jeux.
– Completely reworked emulation support (already imported games/emulators are not affected/broken by this update and will work as before)
– New add-on browser (all existing extension/theme management and settings have been moved there as well from the old settings menu)
– Audio feedback and background sound support in Fullscreen mode
– Improved mouse and keyboard navigation in Fullscreen mode
– Plaform, AgeRating, Region and Series fields can hold multiple values
– Completion status is now fully customizable
– Many improvements and new features in SDK
– Improvements to startup speed (library load times)
– Option to switch to Fullscreen from tray menu
– Option to install add-ons via Playnite URI
– Configurable buttons on top panel
– Option to cancel library update in Fullscreen mode
– URI command to open on specific game details
– Support for game variables in game manual field
– Show images dimensions in metadata comparison window
– Scroll behaviour and layout options for Grid view
– Playnite API and game object accessible in game scripts
– Option to swap X/A button on main FS screen
– Option to specify monospaced font (used by some text fields like scripts)
– Option to save filter presets
– Option to reset application settings to default
– Option to not minimize Fullscreen app after starting a game
– Option to keep main menu on top panel if sidebar is visible
– Option to change play time tracking mode
– Option to change font sizes in Fullscreen mode
– Option to hide some items from Fullscreen main menu
– Option to hide mouse cursor in Fullscreen mode
– Option to show software tools on Sidebar
– Option to force Fullscreen mode to always use primary display
– Option to enable async image loading in Fullscreen mode
– Option to disable XInput support in Fullscreen mode
– Option to assign partial release dates
– Image rendering quality/performance scaling options
– Game groups on Grid view
– Button to test game scripts
– Allow multiple Play actions
– Import exclusions are stored in the game library files
– Support to search for specific resolutions during google image searches and added resolution presets.
– Show address bar on WebView windows
– Game scripts now share one runtime instance allowing them to share data between various events

– Crash when adding new field from game edit window
– Crash when removing filter presets while Explorer panel is open
– Database migration fails on specific ROM paths
– Fixed xbox emulator profiles
– PowerShell runtime initialization error on Windows 7 is showed on every game startup
– Playnite’s library data are now stored in less files and they are locked while Playnite is running. This should fix data corruption issues when syncing Playnite’s files via could storage solutions.
– Mouse scrolling doesn’t work properly in FS mode
– Sorting name is ignored when grouping by name
– Prevent updating game library entries during library update when no data has changed
– Game menu not visible fully under some circumstances
– Don’t prevent wake events when suspending/hibernating Windows from Playnite
– « Recently played » tab in Fullscreen Mode doesn’t update after launching game
– Race condition during addon installation



Télécharger PlayNite v9.4 (125.6 Mo)

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La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE, l’émulateur Commodore Amiga. La traduction est signée Tradu-France.

Les changements ici.
WARNING: don’t use it you aren’t sure, this is « more beta » than usually.

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 37 (4.3 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [64 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 37 (5.9 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 37 FR (6.8 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [64 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 37 FR (8.7 Mo)

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EmuSAK-UI est une interface graphique pour EmuSAK. Il s’agit d’un outil qui vous permet de télécharger des sauvegardes et des shaders pour les émulateurs de Nintendo Switch.

Les fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:
– Ajoute un ou plusieurs répertoires pour l’émulateur (là ou il se trouve)
– Liste la bibliothèque de vos jeux
– Affiche les shaders locaux et les les shaders EmuSAK distant (pour les télécharger si vous en avez besoin)
– Mise à jour du firmware
– Mise à jour des clés de production
– Télécharge les sauvegardes pour un jeu spécifique
– Télécharge les shaders pour un jeu spécifique
– Vous pouvez partager des shaders en un seul clic si vous en avez plus que ceux proposés via EmuSAK
– etc.


Télécharger EmuSAK-UI v1.0.107 (80.2 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un launcher et optimiseur tout-en-un pour nullDC principalement et axé sur le jeu en ligne. Il permet d’assurer une configuration facile pour nullDC (Naomi / Atomiswave / Dreamcast) mais aussi pour Mednafen (NES / SNES / Genesis / MegaDrive / GBA / GBC / Neo-Geo Pocket / PSX / Saturn / Famicom Disk Drive ) et ajoute des paramètres optimisés pour une expérience de jeu fluide.
En résumé: configuration facile, connexion facile, performances maximales et effort minimal.

Les changements:
+Unified SDL Version across all emulators so the BEAR Controls panel should sync up properly with all emulators now!
+Optimized Controls Panel. Saves almost instantly now and saves all systems at once.
+Z-Axis recognition improvements for xinput devices.
+Updated SDL to 2.0.14
+Misc bug fixes here and there

+Separated SDL2.dll from the executable to allow easy upgrading and sync with the BEAR Controller
+Fixed Macro buttons not loading
+Updated SDL to 2.0.14

+Updated SDL to 2.0.14
+Using the GameControllerAPI now should ensure that BEAR controls sync up to Mednafen


Télécharger NullDC BEAR v1.96c (69.2 Mo)

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Flycast Dojo est un fork de Flycast , un émulateur multi-plateforme Sega Dreamcast, Naomi et Atomiswave dérivé de Reicast , avec un accent sur les fonctionnalités de netplay et la relecture.

Flycast Dojo peut être récupéré à partir de GitHub ou dans le cadre du service de matchmaking Fightcade . Quelle que soit la manière dont vous l’obtenez, vous aurez toujours la possibilité de l’utiliser de manière autonome pour les jeux P2P utilisant des codes de correspondance sur un serveur de matchmaking Internet, via une connexion IP directe ou un LAN virtuel comme ZeroTier ou Radmin.

Les changements sont visibles ici.

Télécharger Flycast Dojo v0.4.17 (5.8 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version de Fightcade qui utilise des émulateurs à jour + GGPO pour le netplay. Celui-ci est basé sur la version originale de GGPO mais avec quelques améliorations.
Les émulateurs pris en charges sont:
– Fightcade FBNeo (dernière version, GGPO)
– Fightcade FBA (ancienne version, GGPO)
– Fightcade SNES9X (GGPO)
– NullDC
– Flycast

Les changements depuis la version 2.1.9 sont:

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-41
- Restore Fightcade changes to midway drivers/games
- Fixed CRT CGA shader for vertical games
- Save overlay game type info to text (spectator / game)

Flycast Dojo v0.4.17-ggpo-fightcade
- Added a 1+3 Macro
- Disabled BIOS check on TEST GAME
- Fixed Neo Geo Battle Coliseum dipswitches

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-40
- Merge Midway / TMS34 fixes from FBNeo and UMK3 audio fixes (thanks Matt!)
- Revert latest CPS3 optimization due to more visual glitches during rollbacks
- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Color Blind Hack) support
- Super Puzzle Fighter II X' Balanced Patch (Hack) support
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Rainbow Edition) support
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Roman Cancel Edition) support
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Alessi/Child Mode) support
- Updated CRCs: sf2mix
- Oh My God Dipswitches for online play
- New detectors: md_deadlymv md_eternalcu md_jleague md_mmpru md_sf2j md_sf2u md_ssf2u md_tmhttf md_tmnttfu miexchng neobombe pbancho popbounc popnpop sf2koryu sf2rb 
- Updated detectors: agress
- New savestates: landmakr(ranked) md_deadlymv md_eternalcu md_jleague md_mmpru md_sf2j md_sf2u md_ssf2u md_tmhttf md_tmnttfu popbounc sf2koryu simpsons2p tmnt22pu xmen2pe
- Updated savestates: cthd2003 eto gururin kf2k5uni kof2000 kof2001 kof2002 kof2003 kof2k4se kof94 kof97 kof99 landmakr naname ssf2xjr1

Flycast Dojo v0.4.16-ggpo-fightcade
- GGPO Support!! (thanks flyinghead!)
- Lua Scripting Support
- Fightcade Spectating/Replay Integration
- New Controller Mapping Menu
- Macros: 1+2+3+4, 1+2+4, 2+4, 1+5
- Netplay Savestates w/ Free Play and/or Event Mode (depending on game)
- Auto Retrieves Netplay Savestates on Match Start & Spectating
- Player Name Overlay Improvements
- Fix Offline Delay & Training Mode Features
- Flycast Input & Emulation Speed Improvements

ggpofba (fightcade1)
- Updated savestates: spf2t



Télécharger Fightcade2 v2.1.15 (213.6 Mo)

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Play! est une tentative de créer un émulateur PlayStation 2 sous Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android. Il est actuellement écrit en C / C + + et utilise un système de mise en cache / de recompilation d’instruction pour obtenir de meilleures performances tout en émulant le CPU.
L’émulateur peut faire fonctionner quelques jeux, mais très moyennement dans la plupart des cas. L’objectif de l’auteur est d’atteindre un niveau de qualité qui permettra à quiconque de jouer son jeu favori PlayStation 2 sur son PC.
– Fixed soft-lock issue with Onimusha: Warlords occurring on targets built with clang.
– Android: Added support for Vulkan. Still in experimental stages: there are known issues with Adreno GPUs, but should work ok on Mali and PowerVR GPUs.
– Android: Fixed a few crashes.
– Misc fixes


Télécharger Play! (x86) GIT v0.45 (2021/10/14) (8.5 Mo)

Télécharger Play! (x64) GIT v0.45 (2021/10/14) (10.0 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de NEC PC-9801 qui supporte également le NEC PC-9821.



Télécharger Neko Project 21 v0.86 Rev. 83 (9.4 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Nec PC9801/9821 basé sur Neko Project II/21.


Télécharger Np2x v0.84 (2021/10/12) (739.7 Ko)

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