NeFe (NeoEncrypter FrontEnd), vous aidera à convertir vos roms NeoGeo si vous en avez marre du Dos. Il est gratuit et librement diffusable. Il fonctionne avec NeoEncrypter (inclus dans le zip). Voici les news :

01/16/03 : NeFe 2003.0.2a Released
– Added BangBead, ROTD and KOF 2002 (Thanks to augias and drkmssh for the help)
-Fixed some mistakes in the action list…
– Added French translation file to the package (Thanks to Squaresoft74 for this)
– WIP Information : This is a quick bug fix version only with no improvements. Now I’m hard working on the next version of NeFe that includes things like: dynamic language change (~ 90% completed !), Dat support (in early stages yet…), and some other features. But to do it i had to rewrite ALL the program core… only the GUI of the original NeFe still remains… Some features are near to completion but others are in early stages… there is no estimated completion time yet. When i finish to write the code it will require much tests and debug to see if there’s no broken code in it….

Petite information qui pourrait servir a une personne qui se reconnaitra : Si NeoEncrypter est inclus dans le zip c’est parce que je l’ai rajouté, les deux softs sont développés séparement…

Télécharger ParaJVE 0.7.0 (7.2 Mo)

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