Steve Snake nous gratifie de son très bon émulateur multi-console Sega (SMS, GG, MD, SegaCD), avec une floppée de correctifs et améliorations :
* Major changes to dual 68000 core. Completely seperated Main and
Sub CPU emulation, before they used the same code. This allows
me to try out a clever trick I thought up, which should hopefully
mean that Perfect Sync is slightly faster, and works better.
Time will tell 😉 This may also affect Genesis emulation, but
hopefully it didn’t break anything.
* Rewritten SegaCD PCM emulation (again)
* Rewritten SegaCD CDD emulation (again)
* Rewrite to parts of the SegaCD Gate Array
* Rewrite to parts of the SegaCD Graphics Conversion functions.
* Rewritten SegaCD CD SubSystem, timing etc. should now work much
better than before.
* SegaCD « ReadAhead » now goes up to 8. Some drives may work better
but I recommend trying a lower value first.
* Made improvements to the SegaCD ISO/BIN reader.
* Added BIN/CUE support.
* Fixed Genesis GameGenie .PAT file save issue.
* Rewrote Genesis/SegaCD VDP DMA.
* Many other little tweaks and fixes which I can’t quite remember.

Il précise que cette version doit être au niveau du défunt Kega 0.4b… Une belle prouesse, c’est un très bon émulateur.

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