MAME Classic est tout simplement un excellent Frontend pour M.A.M.E. Cett e nouvelle version est compatible MAME v0.70/71, voici d’ailleurs les nouveautés :

– Added a What’s Changed (ROMs) option on the Reports pull-down menu that looks for changes in ROMs only. Now, when MAME Classic detects that you have a new version of M.A.M.E., it will tell you what ROMs have changed or were added. This takes a LONG time to run.
– Added the ability to repair all your setting files automatically with each new version of MAME Classic. This means you no longer have to delete any of your .cfg files when M.A.M.E. changes its option values. Just select Rebuild Settings from the Tools pull-down menu.
– Fixed a bug that would cause MAME Classic to error if you had Auto Run checked and you tried to access any of several screens.

Télécharger VBALink 1.8.0 Beta 0 (551,8 Ko)

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