Ce frontend pour mame as été mit a jour hier, voici les améliorations:

Bugs Fixed:

Screen Refresh rate changing to 60Hz after exiting MAMEWAH (Windows 2000 & XP) (fixed – at long last!),
Incorrect resolution after executing some wrappers / PC Exe’s (fixed),
P2 Start would not show MP3 name during screen-saver, if screen-saver defaulted to ‘Blank Screen’ due to an error (fixed),
Menu lock sometimes comes on after playing game for no apparent reason (fixed),
Games with empty category would incorrectly appear in (category) filtered list (fixed),
If the ‘&’ character was included in a setting, it would be displayed as « _ » in the options menu (fixed),
‘Generate Custom List using Filters’ menu would sometimes be empty, but with highlight if no filters existed (fixed),
‘Generate Custom List using Filters’ menu would sometimes contain the ‘Display Clones’ filter, even if it wasn’t possible
to filter by clones (fixed),
‘NO BIOS’ Bios Filter would sometimes not work correctly (fixed).


MID & WAV music files supported as well as MP3’s,
‘MP3 Path’ option renamed to ‘Music Path’
‘Play MP3’s While Browsing’ option renamed to ‘Play Music While Browsing’,
‘Play MP3’s During Screen-Saver’ option renamed to ‘Play Music During Screen-Saver’,
MP3 (music) playing now includes subfolders within the ‘Music Path’,
Added ‘Movie Show’ screen-saver type,
Added Emulator specific ‘Screen-Saver Type’s,
Added ‘Select Custom Lists to Cycle’ option,
Added ‘WINIPAC Filename’ option (for re-programming IPAC inputs),
Added ‘IPC Filename / Path’ option for IPAC key config files (each emulator / PC application),
Entering empty/incorrect filenames/paths now deletes the entry,
Changed ‘Stretch Snapshot Images’ option to ‘Keep Image Aspect Ratio’,
Altered the above option to include the logo image,
Added new structured ‘LAYOUTS’ subfolders, to make sharing layouts/images easier *,
Image filenames in layout files now MUST reside in the correct layout folder and be named correctly *
‘Logo Image Filename’ setting removed *,
‘No Snap Image Filename’ setting removed *,
Added artwork # specific ‘No Snap’ image support *,
Added layout specific Logo and ‘No Snap’ image support *,
Added emulator specific layout support,
Change of layouts now takes effect immediately,
‘BIOS’ Snapshot now displayed if parent & clone images are missing.

* See ‘[MAMEWAH-PATH]LAYOUTSLayouts.txt’ for more details

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