Il s’agit d’une nouvelle version de Fightcade mais qui utilise le dernier FBA ( + GGPO pour le netplay. Celui-ci est basé sur la version originale de GGPO mais avec quelques améliorations.


– Updated to FBA (see changelog:
– Included new FBA DWM Sync flag which might help in reducing stutter in Windows 10. Many thanks to RagingNoob for his thorough testing and help getting this longstanding issue some attention.
– Improved netcode usage and unified for all settings (vsync, dwmsync, dsound, xaudio, nosound).
– Insert coin reactions – quickly tap the insert coin button / key multiple times to send reactions to your opponent! Different reactions are sent with 2, 3 and 4 taps. (Optional, disabled by default in the Video > Blitter options submenu)
– Various bugfixes.


Télécharger Fightcade2 v2.0.12 (62,1 Mo)

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