On en avait parlé le 31/12 mais on avais oublié d’uploader le build, c’est donc chose faite.

Rappel des améliorations:

1. « Vertical Aspect Ratio » was not working correctly (you could not set a value)
2. Access violation when using the frontend with Win98/Me (caused by the new logged user detection)
3. Folders from picture types were not being extracted correctly (when displaying preview pictures), if you only use a folder name
4. Picture type was not being correctly restored when restarting, setting it always to title snapshots

1. All picture type folders must NOT be finished with a backlash  »  » at the end of the folder. Please update your folders, if you don’t use .zip filenames (« Preferences » screen / « Folders / Zip » tab)

1. Folder select button from « In-Game Snapshots ». The folder used is always from « mame.ini » (« Preferences » screen / « Folders / Zip » tab)

1. Picture type folders and zips management

New Additions:
1. Command line parameter support 🙂
You can start Emu Loader with the language of your choice. Just enter the name of the .lng file.
If you want to start with, let’s say, Brazilian language, type the following:
EmuLoader.exe brazilian.lng

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (597,6 Ko)

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