Richard Gellman a reprit le développement de cet émulateur BBC et Master 128. Utiliser la version 1.05 si cette version est trop lente.



* Fixed 320×256 screen capture.
* Enabled DirectX full screen display at current desktop screen resolution.
* Consistent file selection dialogs.
* Added debugger Alt-Tab support.
* Added Sprow ARM7TDMI co-processor emulator.
* Fixed sound register latch bug.
* Fixed wrap-around bug with indirect, Y-indexed addressing mode in the
6502 emulator.
* Migrated source code to Visual Studio 2015.
* Fixed crash if sound sample files are missing.
* Fixed 8271 disk emulation to show disks as not ready after motor stops.
* Fixed video recording on Windows 8.
* IDE support:
– If invalid drive selected can still access IDE command register to select a
different drive.
– SetGeometry sets IDEStatus correctly.
– Seek returns correct IDEStatus for invalid/absent drive.
* Z80 support:
– Torch inrom/outrom selection corrected.
– Small client ROM loaded multiple times to ensure contents reflected.
* Z80 CPU:
– Bugs fixed in IN/OUT instructions and block instructions.
– Added repeated EDxx instructions.
– Bugs: BIT doesn’t set flags as per real hardware.
* Music 5000 Synthesiser emulation.
* General sound emulation improvements.
* Fixed graphics hold in teletext mode.
* Release Shift key on disk read after auto-booting.
* Rework teletext adapter emulation and add support for real-time packet streams.
* Fixed reads from CRTC and Video ULA registers.
* Added new DX video modes for full-screen (1440p and 4K).
* Fixed issue where BeebEm would always use the primary monitor when going
– Now uses monitor on which the BeebEm window is positioned. As with all
DX9 applications, this works best when « Maintain Desktop Resolultion » is
* Changed the default fullscreen resolution to « Maintain Desktop Resolution ».
* Added -AutoBootDelay CLI argument taking a delay parameter set in
milliseconds creates a delay between initial boot and auto-boot of disk image
if supplied in arguments. If used with -StartPaused, the timer starts after
* Added ability to pause the emulation, distinct from freezing when focus lost.
– Menu item on Speed menu.
– Alt+F5 will pause/unpause.
– The -StartPaused CLI argument can be used to prevent the emulation from
starting until unpaused. Implemented to better support
HyperSpin/RocketLauncher configurations where you want to defer boot until
the BeebEm window and bezels are shown, and any Fade screen has been removed.
– If in windowed mode and showing fps, pause state is shown in window title.
* Improved Computech IntegraB startup defaults, and correct the current year
calculation. Also included is a patched IBOS ROM where two digit years are
assumed to be 20xx instead of 19xx.
* Fixed BCD mode in ADC and SBC instructions.
* Fixed key selection dialog box layout for Windows 10.
* Added -DebugLabels command line option to load BeebAsm compatible debug labels.


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