Cannonball est une recréation du jeu avec corrections des problèmes originaux. En fait le programme Cannonball utilise les roms de Outrun (les graphismes et les sons/musiques) mais tout le mécanisme du jeu est alors recréé et non émulé (un peu comme Doom64EX qui utilise les roms de Doom64 mais qui recréait tout de A à Z).



Cela permet des améliorations comme:
– Un défilement de 60 images par seconde au lieu des 30img/s d’origine.
– Un graphisme affiné (résolution native x2)
– La capacité de rendre plus d’objets visibles à l’écran.
Règle les problèmes d’ombres.
Règle les problèmes de zoom au niveau des sprites.
– Le passage sur le checkpoint indique une valeur correcte en millisecondes contrairement à l’original
– Correction de problème au niveau de la direction du véhicule en rapport avec l’image
– Le problème de tuile mal placée au niveau de l’écran de sélection des musiques est fixé.
– Personnalisation des musiques. Cannonball peut lire des pistes de musique au format WAV.
– Ajout d’un menu pour configurer Cannonball sans avoir besoin de modifier manuellement le fichier config.xml.
– Support de la sauvegarde des scores.
– Support des manettes numériques et amélioration de la configuration des manettes.
– Support des écrans larges en 16:9.
– Portage du Cannonball sur Open Pandora.
– Divers correctifs.


Il vous faudra récupérer les bon fichiers à décompresser dans un répertoire « roms » pour pouvoir lancer le jeu via Cannonball.

Quoi de neuf depuis la version 0.3 sortie en 2015:

Please replace your old config.xml file when upgrading to this release.

– [Audio] Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Audio File Support.
– [Audio] Sample Rate can now be set in config.xml. Default frequency increased to 48Khz, which makes a difference for FM generated audio.
– [Audio] Music Test menu now supports additional audio files
– [Audio] Extra music tracks no longer replace existing audio.
– [Audio] Music selection screen auto-adjusts when new audio added with new scrolling format.
– [Bug] Fixed long-standing bug where there was a 50% chance of a blank screen when switching from 60fps to 30fps mode.
– [Techy] MML format better documented in osound.cpp source code. Additional command added to support Step On Beat.

– [Controllers] Basic rumble support can now be enabled from the CONTROLS menu. The strength can be adjusted. The code that controls the rumble is identical to that of the upright arcade machine motor shaker. The option will only show in the menu if your controller is supported.
– [Controllers] Auto-detection and assignment of controller buttons and axis should be much improved. I will update the manual to call out the default controls in due course. (Right trigger = accelerate, Left trigger = brake, Start = Start, Back = Menu, A = Gear Change, X = Change View, Y = Coin). These can be redefined as desired.
– [Controllers] D-Pad can be used in menus.
– [Menus] Gamepad/Joystick settings has its own menu.
– [Menus] Ensure that ‘A’ button on controllers can be used to select items. Analog accelerate is now only used when run via original arcade cabs as it’s not optimal.
– [Rom Loader] Sped up CRC32 based loading by using a Hashmap. It was reportedly slow when used over a network.
– [Rom Loader] It is possible to switch back to the old filename loading system via a setting in config.xml
– [Config] It is now possible to change and configure the location of the ‘res’ directory.

– Audio updates at the correct rate and resolves the longstanding issue with music and sound being very slightly ‘off’
– [roms] ROMs are now read by CRC 32 value. Filenames no longer matter – so long as they are present they can be renamed to anything.
– [roms] Fixed expected Z80 rom file length
– [controls] Start Button behaviour less ‘sticky’ and buggy
– [controls] Analog axis for accelerate and brake can now be configured via the in-built menu system
– [menu] Reduced delay when scrolling through menu with analog controls
– [config] ROMs and save data can be relocated to separate locations
– [bug fix] Time Trial mode no longer crashes if used as the first mode played
– [timing] Code tries to use V-Sync for timing OR internal timing, as opposed to both at once
– [source] SDL 2 used by default. SDL 1 removed from codebase. This appears to have fixed compatibility bugs for some people
– [source] Added compatibility for upcoming SmartyPi hardware (Pi 4 based) to run on original arcade hardware
– [source] A general clean-up in many areas


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