Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame, en voici les nouveautés:

– Attract.txt is now AutoPlay.txt
– ultraconfig tab Attract Mode renamed to AutoPlay Mode as to not confuse the addtion of attract videos
– MAME devs removed -listinfo and ultrastyle now uses -listxml|xml2info to generate li.txt
– wheel changes have been animated to give a more arcady feel
– When checking on cube art, if a clone does not have a picture for a specific kind of art, it checks for the original ROM’s art as well.
– In both the Favorite and the AutoPlay treeviews in ultraconfig, games are now listed by game name instead of ROM name.

– When starting with the filter wheel, the cube would not be the right size. This has been remedied.

– MP3 Background music can now be played while searching for a game to play in ultrastyle
– You can now add to your favorites from within ultrastyle
– Added a checkbox to ultraconfig to lock out the adding of favorites from within ultrastyle
– Attract videos have been added into the mix. If you have videos of the attract mode, they will play on the screenshot cube
– Control the volume of Events, MP3, and Attract Videos
– New sound for adding a favorite game
– Paths in ultraconfig for MP3 and Attract Videos, both are optional
– When adding a favorite game, a small green globe pops up next to the marquee and a visual acknowledgement
– LastGame.ini keeps track of the last game played. It is a new starting option as well.

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