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Saturday, 22nd January 2005
We’re starting to get somewhere. At least one ROM displays output as it should. The guy doesn’t move, but he’s there; that’s gotta be a good start. Check it out on the screenshots page.

Right now, sprite support is hecka rudimentary. Nothing else that I’ve tested runs, and there’s no support for anything beyond 8×8 as far as I know.

Friday, 21st January 2005
Yeh, so I haven’t updated in a little while. It’s been a (relatively) busy week, I’ve had to go out of the house at least once. However, there has been work on the emu.

For one, I now have an OAM! 1k of memory mapped into 07xxxxxx, for the sprite renderer to work with. Second, I’m reading the x and y coords of sprites and drawing white blocks on the screen. It’s not exactly perfect (it’s nowhere near working), but it’s there. So progress is being made, don’t worry.

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