Encore une nouvelle version… :

Fixe une virgule qui était en trop dans une ligne de commentaire -_-


– GameEx now features Frame Skipping, and input/control processing now runs on a timer.
– This means GameEx should run at a consistent speed across all systems, and now runs on really ancient slow systems ok. Pentium 2 400 MHZ and above is certainly usable and functional, animations are just not so smooth. I’ve updated the Requirements on the docs page to reflect this
– On faster systems this makes operation a little slicker, and even better in my opinion. It also means GameEx wont slow down if showing a busy screen at very high resolutions.
– Snap Path was missing from the Configuration tool.
– Ability to completely hide the toolbar.
– Fixed bugs when restoring ICONS after exiting a game.
– New Loading screen (can be turned off).
– No black screen for a few seconds, when loading GameEx in a window.
– Several (not too noticeable) enhancements to Windows mode.
– A few cosmetic enhancements that you probably wont notice, such as list item does not show as selected when transitioning to another screen.
– Input devices are reinitialized when returning from a game, or when GameEx receives or loses focus (might solve a few problems for some people, not too sure).
– Internally less code is duplicated, for when loading the graphics and input/keyboard processing.
– Resize ICON now shows if no music playing.

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