Classic99 est un tres bon émulateur TI99/4A pour windows, et Tursi vient de sortir une nouvelle version.

– Quick Patch Release as People were asking for stuff (Alpha 4)
-Fixed additional CPU bugs (ALL of them?) Classic 99 passes all the test code I have
-Included my self-written test code (tested on a real TI)
-Improved the DSR code – Ami99 can now read Variable and Fixed length files. It can load XB programs (but only if they were saved with the default CALL FILES() active). It can write Fixed length files. It will try to write Variable length files but they WILL be corrupt. Don’t bother.
-Verified operation with the 2.2 ROMs (the error was in my TIDATA file)

Télécharger Classic99 v399.068a (22.4 Mo)

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