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Hey guys, Xeven sent me a new beta of his upcoming Playstation Emulator known as PSXeven. Man this thing really kicks ass so far. I was totaly surprised on much progress Xeven has made throughout the 8 months he has been working on it. It has also been very fun watching and being a part of the process of making an emulator. I want to thank Xeven for letting me test it out and all the cool information he shares with us.

Ok as for this Beta I only ran into a few games that didn’t play, I am not sure of it is my scratched up discs or the emulator. All I know is that it was very hard to find a game that did not play. Xeven already has the games playing at full speed on my system, which is a 1.4 GHz AMD Athlon T-Bird. It might run slower on other systems, but it runs perferect on mine.

As I was testing it out I decided to make some screens along the way. After getting over 400 screens I decided to cut it down to a few games, and have posted 145 screens of various games that I had at the time to test. Just click on the Read More … link below to see all the wonderful screens.

Thanks again Xeven and keep up the wonderful work!

Note: I finally got a chance to use my Extended Text news feature that I created Months ago. Thanks Xeven for giving me a reason to use it

Le mst est accompagné de (29*5) le compte est bon 145 screenshots (!)