Une nouvelle release de RockNES (Dos) est disponible. Le développement de cet émulateur est très actif en ce moment :

– More internal changes and rewrites;
– NES joypad latch was not being cleared if the input type is joystick;
– Fixed a mistake on movie play status (bleh);
– Fixed a stupid loading bug for trained ROMs;
– Fixed ppu address reset behaviour (Rambo is okay);
– Fixed MMC3 IRQs (yay, finally);
– Allowed mapper IRQs to trigger on scanline 240 (fixes a few games);
– Added a specific fix for Rad Racer games (the road is okay);
– Fixed 8-sprites ppu flag;
– Fixed filenames to dump chr data;
– Small PSG and color emphasis/monochrome optimizations;
– GFX corruption (like map#226) has been fixed;
– Changed joypad data reading behaviour;
– Changed to compile with the newest stable Allegro release;
– Changed some filenames for dumping RAMs;
– Minor core cleanups, bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

De toute facon un nouveau build devrait bientot suivre dans les heures qui suivent 🙂

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