Il s’agit d’un fichier DAT tenu par MASH regroupant toutes les infos du site « ». Il donne des infos sur l’émulation des jeux sous MAME(Arcade), c’est a dire le développement, les bugs, les améliorations…


Télécharger Mameinfo.dat v0.164 (2,4 Mo)

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Ces fichiers ini concernant la partie arcade de MAME sont à mettre dans le répertoire « folders » de MAMEUI (ou clones). Il propose un tri des jeux par catégorie, année de sortie, version de MAME…


Télécharger MAMEUI Inifiles v0.164 (569,9 Ko)

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Anciennement appelé MESS, « MAME(MESS) » ou « MESS (with NEWUI) » est la partie consoles/ordinateurs de MAME. Ces builds ont été compilés par Robbbert.

MESSUI is an integrated front-end of MESS, which itself emulates hundreds of computers and consoles. MESSUI is similar in appearance to MAMEUI. Each emulation instance is accompanied by a windows-style menubar which is not normally part of MESS. This menubar is known as ‘NEWUI’.

What’s New in Version 0.164 (See full changelog)

Fixed some memory leaks.


Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x86] v0.164 (10,9 Mo)

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x64] v0.164 (11,8 Mo)

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Il s’agit de MAME (Arcade + consoles + ordinateurs) avec un frontend intégré. Un miroir est disponible sur le site de Progetto.
MESSUI devient Multi-Emulateurs (plus trop de différence entre MAMEUI et MESSUI du coup hormis l’interface légèrement différente, proposant en plus ce qui est notifié plus bas dans le changelog) et laisse MESS with NEWUI comme le build ne gérant que les systèmes consoles/ordinateurs.


  • NEWUI – Devices dropdown menu has been renamed to Media
  • MESSUI – Software location per driver is now kept in game.ini instead of messui.ini
  • MESSUI – Multiple directories for snapshots, titles, marquees, cabinets, pcbs, control panels.
  • MESSUI – Renamed Picker tab to SW Files, and added multiple directory support.
  • MESSUI – Renamed Software tab to SW Items.
  • MESSUI – Fixed a problem with software-list titles and snaps sometimes not showing.
  • MESSUI – Added back the Samples column.
  • MESSUI – Made the directory dialogs open where the files are expected to be.
  • MESSUI – Added arcade and mess filters.


Télécharger MESSUI (x86) v0.164 (25,7 Mo)

Télécharger MESSUI (x64) v0.164 (28,1 Mo)

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Officieusement appelé Mame And Mess Emulators, MAME est un émulateur Arcade et Consoles/Ordinateurs qui relie les anciens MAME et MESS dans un seul émulateur multi-usages émulant plus de 2150 systèmes différents. Couplé au frontend QMC2, vous pouvez alors utiliser tous les fichiers Mame extras & Mess Extras.


Les changements sont les suivants:


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01444: [Sound] (seta2.c) gundamex: The music is only emitted from the right channel. (system11)
- 01943: [Sound] (seta2.c) pzlbowl: Right heavy stereo balance. (system11)
- 05981: [Graphics] (aerofgt.c) turbofrc: Sprite priority bugs in some stages (Mamesick)
- 04405: [Graphics] (seta.c) tndrcade + others: Offset issues in seta drivers (Mamesick)
- 04877: [Graphics] (seta.c) usclssic: Graphics are shifted. (Mamesick)
- 00317: [Graphics] (seta.c) daioh: On the attract mode screen with the earth down, 
  there is a glitchy line at the bottom and the explosion is glitched. (Mamesick)
- 05959: [Sound] (alpha68k.c) kyros, kyrosj: A few sound FX are missing (Mamesick)
- 05968: [Graphics] (hornet.c) gradius4, nbapbp: Most of colours are completly wrong (MooglyGuy)
- 05318: [Crash/Freeze] (djmain.c) bm1stmix and other: Error on loading CHD / disk error (peterferrie)
- 04918: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (dooyong.c) gulfstrm, lastday and clones: Screen slightly
  offset left when flipped (Osso)
- 05711: [Graphics] (msx.c) cf3300, expertdp, svi738 (and possibly all MSX and MSX2): 
  [possible] The MSX demo "Riyadh by Bandwagon" does not works properly. (Wilbert Pol)
- 05949: [Crash/Freeze] (msx.c) expert11 [hero]: H.E.R.O. - Game does not start anymore (Wilbert Pol)
- 05986: [Core] (msx.c) All sets in msx.c: Cartridge mapper not detected using Full Path (Wilbert Pol)

Source Changes
-memory: Remove support for decrypted bases, use an address space
 instead [O. Galibert]

-atarisy2: Slapstic doesn't need a direct update handler anymore
 [O. Galibert]

-dsp56k: Remove the not required direct update handler [O. Galibert]

-namcos1: Remove direct-update-handler-using optimization, will be done
 differently later [O. Galibert]

-psx: Remove quickload, may be handled differently later [O. Galibert]

-apple2gs: Remove the not required direct update handler [O. Galibert]

-spc1000 added the centronics printer port [Miso Kim]

-topland: Fix the background gradient [O. Galibert]

-Unitron AP II: New Brazilian Apple 2 clone [Felipe Sanches]

-M1COMM update, S32COMM initial commit [SailorSat]

-Polymax Maxxi: New brazilian Apple2 clone. [Felipe Sanches]

-validity: add basic signed integer arithmetic tests to core validation
 [Alex Jackson]

-idehd.c: decrease IDE read fill-time to avoids timeouts [Peter Ferrie]

-Improved kidniki sound quality while maintaining speed by adding more
 frontiers. Added LOGIC_INPUT to netlist which allows to specify a
 logic family, i.e. output characterics. Used this for improved AY8910
 port modeling. [Couriersud]

-m68k: fix '020 cache emulation corner case. [Hans Ostermeyer]

-3c505: move option ROM to the card to reflect real h/w
 [Hans Ostermeyer]

-apollo: improved mouse emulation [Hans Ostermeyer]

-Add MCFG_FORCE_NO_DRC. [MooglyGuy]

-Redumped bad rom from Mayjinsen 3 (Aleck64), internal checksum now
 matches ROM dump [Brizzo, theboy181, Zoinkity]

-pet_flop.xml: Added alternate Commodore SFD-1001 Test/Demo
 diskette. [Curt Coder]

-Netlist now compiles with
 * std=c++98 -Wall -Wpedantic -Wextra -Wno-long-long
    -Wno-variadic-macros and
 * std=c++11 -Wall -Wpedantic -Wextra [Couriersud]

-Arkanoid.c: Add rom numbering list, add more info and more correct rom
 labels for first version arkanoid (US, Romstar License) board from pcb
 pics [Brizzo, Lord Nightmare]

-Added macro object registration and dynamic includes to netlist. This
 allows the creation of macro libraries going forward. Any IC which can
 be described by a truthtable and a package wrapper can now be entirely
 described in netlist syntax. [Couriersud]

-m20: 8086 apb [Carl, rfka01, Christian Groessler]

-firebeat: Completely rewrote the graphics chip emulation [Ville Linde]

-Identify size_t usage in printf by enclosing the argument in
 SIZET_PRINTF(). This is typesafe, can be identified and allows to use
 proper 64bit computing with compilers up to it. [Couriersud]

-fixed SAA1099 driver to actually use clock (nw); corrected Game-
 Blaster/SB1.0 clock to 7.159mhz [NewRisingSun]

-Added MM5837 Noise Generator used by Congo Bongo. [Couriersud]

-pet_cass.xml: Added tapes. [Dagarman] 

-pet_flop.xml: Added disks. [Dagarman]

-Further improvements + two missing files. Congo Bongo netlist now
 parses without issues. [Couriersud]

-DEC Rainbow: fixed Z80 access to shared RAM, motor on/off signal, and
 ROM labels. [Karl-Ludwig Deisenhofer]

-winfile.c: Stop crashing after saving to a disk image loaded from a
 software list. [Curt Coder]

-g64_dsk: Respect the number of tracks specified in the image header.
 [Curt Coder]

-c128_flop.xml: Added Paperback Writer 128, Term Paper Writer, The
 Great War, and Your Personal Financial Planner 128 disk images.
 [Curt Coder]

-Document progress on congo bongo. Gorilla sound now works. Performance
 up from 30% to 170%. Use ./nltool -c run -f nl_examples/congoBongo.c
 -t 2 to test. Minor enhancements and bugfixes. [Couriersud]

-m68k: fix unaligned pc-relative accesses [O. Galibert]

-scfinals: Add correct default eeproms [O. Galibert]

-Add a second rom label variant to NSS Super Mario World IC1 [byuu]

-peoplepc: split from pc.c and make it work [Carl]

-peoplepc: new roms [rfka01]

-verified protection data on gaialast [system11]

-Created macro libraries for CD4XXX and 74XX chip families. Going
 forward, these will contain all devices which can be described using
 truthtables and DIPPINS. [Couriersud]

-SDL: fix 0.160 aspect ratio regression. [Hans Ostermeyer]

-correct PROMs for 'mayac' set, fixes colours [system11]

-thedealr.c: Figured out Coinage, Max Bet, Payout, Double up, Jacks or
 Better and Fever Mode dipswitches. [Brian Troha]

-sdk80.c: Begun hooking up devices [MooglyGuy]
 * Hooked up i8251 USART and RS232 device. Can use standard RS232 slot
    devices, including the internal serial terminal, or a terminal
    program running on the host machine.
 * Hooked up USART baud rate selection switch.

-chihiro.c: bruteforced DES key for "Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ 3
 Evolution" [f205v]
-jvs13551.c: Sega 838-13683 and 837-13551 JVS I/O MCU firmwares dumped

-VK100.c: correct prom locations based on schematics; Mark one PROM as
 bad pending a redump. [Lord Nightmare]

-VK100: More work based on schematic. Self test doesn't get much
 farther yet. [Lord Nightmare]

-Hooked up speech in "Harem". Added save-states. Verified colors
 [Luca Elia, tirino73]

-sdk80.c: Added video board control PROM.  Promoted to Working [MooglyGuy]

-Fixed World Heroes Perfect (Sega Saturn) TH Control Mode in SMPC.
 [Angelo Salese]

-Added preliminary CD-DA routing to SCSP EXTS parallel port, fixes
 CD-Rom player equalizer in Sega Saturn. [Angelo Salese]

- "1942p" improvements
 * dumped correct sound ROM for this set [mastercello]
 * hooked up alt. memory map needed by new sound rom [David Haywood]
 * retagged as a Tecfri bootleg PCB rather than prototype
 * fixed interrupt generation for this version, allowing powerups to
   scroll correctly [David Haywood]

-Re-add NetBSD support. [Thomas Klausner]

-n64: Fix crash when fast-forwarding. [MooglyGuy]

-VK100: Fix diagrams for memory map decoding in comments, based on
 schematics. [Lord Nightmare]

-firebeat: Added basic SPU board emulation [Ville Linde]

-rspcp2: Make the align declarations gcc-compatible [O. Galibert]

-Decrypted external ARM code in slqz3 [iq_132]

-a7800: fix 0x2800 mirroring behavior [Mike Saarna, Robert Tuccitto]

-Commodore VIC-1515 printer. [Curt Coder]

-Commodore VIC-1520 plotter [Jim Brain, Curt Coder]

-add rom locations to zookeeper sets [Lord Nightmare]

-Improve sound in some Mortal Kombat Yawdim bootlegs [Luca Elia]

-Added nlwav to tools. nlwav converts netlist logs into wav files. [Couriersud]
 Example usage:

 ./nlwav -i netlist.log_RO.1.log -o tt.wav

 ./nlwav -h

-Commodore 1526/MPS-802/4023 printer [Curt Coder]

-c128: Added a skeleton for the PARTNER 128 cartridge. [Curt Coder]

-ti99: MFM low-level hard disk emulation, removed legacy floppy [Michael Zapf]

-315_5124.c: avoid saving the dynamic RAM used for temp rendering, the save
 state system does not currently agree with RAM that gets reallocated at
 run time which was happening whenever the resolution changed.

-shadfrce: remove runtime tag lookups and optimized video rendering to restore
 speed back to what it was in versions prior to 0.161. [David Haywood]

-dreamwld.c: fix visible areas based on PCB tests, fixed linescroll modes,
 fixed tilemap sizes etc.
 This improves visuals in cutefght, rolcrush, baryon etc. [David Haywood]

-sm510: initial Sharp SM510 MCU core [hap]

-tb303: hooked up basic button inputs and ext. RAM [hap]

- additional gameking dumps listed in Software List, including 2 for Game King 3
  [Team Europe]

- some additional famiclone bios sets [Team Europe]

- Added / completed /enabled save state support to the following drivers:
decos32.c, destroyr.c, gstriker.c, itech8.c, namcona1.c, namcond1.c, namcos86.c, 
naughtyb.c, nbmj9195.c, paranoia.c, pcktgal.c, poolshrk.c, sbowling.c, spbactn.c,
spdodgeb.c, starcrus.c, tank8.c, tapatune.c, ttchamp.c, vicdual.c [Osso]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Intel SDK-80 [Nigel Barnes, MooglyGuy]
Gaia - The Last Choice of Earth [David Haywood, system11]
The Dealer (Visco Games)
  [Luca Elia, Fabrice Arzeno, Porchy, rtw, The Dumping Union]
Mahjong Magic Lamp (v. JAA02) [Dyq, Guru, Luca Elia]
Mahjong Super Dai Chuuka Ken (Japan, D115) [Dyq, Guru, Luca Elia]
Mahjong Gorgeous Night (Japan, TSM003-01) [Dyq, Guru, Luca Elia]
The Round Up [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Monkey Magic [Smitdogg, *=/STARRIDER\=*, BrianT,  russ h., Mucci, Justin Kerk,
  Bigster, Dave France, Dulleron, Nicolas Francfort, f205v, Gilby, rtw,
  gregf, Andy Welburn, Shoutime, MooglyGuy, balrog, Gor, The Dumping Union,
  Dirk Best]

New clones added
The Rumble Fish 2 (prototype)
  [Brizzo, MetalliC, Coolmod, The Dumping Union]
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (USA 960910) [kawaks]
Turbo (encrypted, program 1363-1365 rev B) [Andrew Welburn]
Turbo (encrypted, program 1363-1365) [Andrew Welburn]
Indianapolis (bootleg of Turbo) [f205v]
Sunset Riders (4 Players ver JAD) [Fraspe]
Quizard (v1.0) [TeamEurope] (and reorganized sets)
Vendetta (Asia, 4 Players, ver. Z) [Fraspe]
Karate Blazers (bootleg) [Gerald (Coy) and Thierry (ShinobiZ)]
Run and Gun (ver EAA 1993 9.10, prototype?) [caius, mastercello]
Maya (set 4, clean) [system11]
Hot Rod (Japan, 4 Players, Floppy Based, Rev C) [Ordyne]
Varth: Operation Thunderstorm (Japan Resale Ver. 920714)
  [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union]
Hot Chase (set 2)
Shinobi (Datsu bootleg, set 2) [Andrew Welburn]
Midnight Resistance (Joystick bootleg) [Guru]
Super Cobra (Stern Electronics) (encrypted, KONATEC XC-103SS CPU)
  [Kevin Eshbach, David Haywood]
Mortal Kombat (Yawdim bootleg, set 4) [Marco, Guru]
Gang Hunter [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Spatter (315-5099) [Andrea Palazzetti]
Phoenix (Assa, Spanish bootleg) [Rockman & Edcross]
Ave Fenix (Laguna, Spanish bootleg of Phoenix) [Rockman]
Vautour (bootleg of Phoenix) (Z80 CPU, single PROM) [system11]
Hana to Ojisan [BET] (ver 1.00, 1991/08/23) [AeroCityMayor]
Power Spikes (Italian bootleg) [Manual Assoni]
NFL Blitz '99 (ver 1.2, Aug 28 1998) [SiftWare]
California Speed (Version 1.0r8 Mar 10 1998, GUTS Mar 10 1998 / MAIN Mar 10 1998)
PuzzLove (Korea) [system11]
Bubble Bobble II (Ver 2.6O 1994/12/16) [rtw, Team Europe, The Dumping Union]
Crush Roller (Famaresa PCB) [Rockman, Edcross] (not working, different protection?)

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Microdigital ONYX: new colecovision prototype (unreleased).[Felipe Sanches]
Daruma DS348 dot-matrix printer skeleton driver. [Felipe Sanches]
Aqua Stage [MooglyGuy, Smitdogg, Charles MacDonald, The Dumping Union]
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ 3 Evolution (Rev B) (GDX-0021B)
  [Andy Geezer]
Mahjong Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 3 [Dyq, Guru]
Konami Top Gun [hap, Sean Riddle]
Konami TMNT [hap, Sean Riddle]
Game & Watch: Mickey & Donald [hap, Sean Riddle, segher, O. Galibert]
Gakken Jungler [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
Bandai Zaxxon [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
Bandai Ultra Man [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
Bandai Pengo [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
Bandai Burger Time [hap, Kevin Horton, Rik]
NBA Showtime Gold / NFL Blitz 2000 (ver 3.0) (Sports Station?) [?]


Télécharger MAME (32 bits) v0.164 (30,8 Mo)

Télécharger MAME (64 bits) v0.164 (33,8 Mo)

Télécharger MAME (Debug) v0.164 (33,6 Mo)

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Un émulateur écrit sous Visual C++ et qui utilise DirectX. Il supporte les systèmes Sharp suivants : Sharp pc-1245, Seiko MC-2200, Sharp pc-1250, Tandy PC-3, Sharp pc-1251, Tandy PC-3 (4Ko), Sharp pc-1251H, Sharp pc-1255, Sharp pc-1260, Sharp pc-1261, Sharp pc-1262, Sharp pc-1280, Sharp pc-1350, Sharp pc-1360, Sharp pc-1401, Sharp pc-1402, Sharp pc-1403, Sharp pc-1403H, Sharp pc-1421, Sharp pc-1450, Sharp pc-1475, Sharp pc-1500, Tandy PC-2, Sharp pc-1500A, Sharp pc-1600, Sharp pc-2500, Casio FP-200, Canon X-07, Sharp pc-E500, Sharp pc-E550, Sharp PC-G850V, Casio PB-1000, Casio PB-2000C, Casio Z-1GR, NEC PC-2001, Panasonic HHC, TI-57, HP-41 ainsi que les extensions suivantes: Sharp ce-152, Sharp ce-125, Seiko MP-220, Tandy 26-3591, Sharp ce-126p, Sharp ce-123p, Sharp ce-129p, Sharp ce-120p, Sharp ce-140p, Sharp ce-150, Sharp ce-140f, Sharp ce-1600p, Canon X-710, Sharp EA-129C, Casio MD-100, Casio FP-100, Casio FP-40 et NEC PC-2021.


Télécharger PockEmul (Stable) v1.4.1 (56,3 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+(SE), TI-84+(SE), TI-85, et TI-86, probablement le plus fidèle de sa catégorie.




Télécharger Wabbitemu (32 bits) v1.9.5.20 (5,5 Mo)

Télécharger Wabbitemu (64 bits) v1.9.5.20 (5,4 Mo)

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Un émulateur HP17/19/27/28/42. Inclus les fichiers KML (pour la version dédiée) pour les machines HP-17B, HP-17BII, HP-27S, HP-28S et HP-42S ainsi que des outils et le code source.


Télécharger Emu42 (+KML) v1.19 (2,3 Mo)

Télécharger Emu42 (-KML) v1.19 (154,0 Ko)

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L’émulateur « Emu48″ a été développé a l’origine par « Sébastien Carlier » et publié sous licence GPL (nan pas le carburant). Cette version est développé par Christoph Giesselink et émule les HP38/39/40/48/49. Le service pack est à appliqué uniquement si vous désirez mettre à jour votre précédente version.


Télécharger Emu48 v1.57 (581.3 Ko)

Télécharger Emu48 (Service Pack) 57 (137,0 Ko)

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XM8 (pour eXcellent Multi-platform emulator type 8 par PI) est un émulateur de NEC PC8801MA basé sur ePC-8801MA de Takeda Toshiya.




Télécharger XM8 v1.20 (3,5 Mo)

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La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE, l’émulateur Commodore Amiga.


– Added OMTI-Adapter HD controller, same as ALF1 but different hardware base address.
– It was not possible to select HDF PCMCIA SRAM and IDE options.
– Flash ROM file and RTC battery backed up RAM file dialog didn’t allow creation of new files.
– Made disk image dragndrop floppy drive hit box larger.
– ROM panel drag drop over ROM paths will work as expected. Previously it was always autodetected and « best » ROM path was selected. Now autodetection will be only used when dropped over empty space.
– Harddrives panel CD path dragndrop update.
– ProWizard written module files now include name of inserted disk in DF0: or CD image, like screenshot file names.

x86 bridgeboard updates:
– A2286 and A2386SX emulation implemented. CPU and FPU core, keyboard, interrupt controller and more from DOSBox. A2386SX BIOS is still misdetecting things.
– Floppy drive label is changed between DF2:<>A: and DF3:<>B: if configured as PC bridge drive. (Note that if you don’t configure any PC drives, you will get really slow BIOS floppy detection)
– Added 40 track (5.25″ 360k) and 80 track (all others) drive selection. This must match inserted image or BIOS drive detection will get confused.
– Always do full disk image size autodetection when disk is inserted in PC bridge drive. Without it most dos disks was detected as undersized adf images.
– A2286/A2386 CMOS RAM is stored to disk if ROM panel Flash RAM file path is set.
– DOSBox CPU core type selectable in bridgeboard config GUI, also 8088-based bridgeboards can be optinally configured to use DOSBox CPU core.


Source: Forum des versions Betas.

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) v3.2.0 Beta 5 (3,2 Mo)

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Un émulateur de Sharp X68000/X68030.


Les changements (par Google trad):


Major changes:

  • To implement the clipboard device to Pluto-X virtual device.
  • Use (UNIX version, Mac OS X version only) SCSI / SASI mmap to access the hard disk image ().
  • Improved RTL8019AS emulation.
  • Improved keyboard matrix emulation.
    Such as


About NetBSD version

  • pkgsrc / x11 / wxGTK30 is required.


For Mac and Mac (SDL) version

  • Mac version is no sound.
  • Mac (SDL) version is as sound exits linked with experimental SDL library.
    I think that it is to operate If you install the SDL 1.2 in MacPort.


Télécharger XM6i v0.51 (5,8 Mo)

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