Décidemment l’émulation NeoGeo pocket est à l’honneur en ce moment.
Cette nouvelle version propose les améliorations suivantes:

– Flash saving now works for all remaining games, including « KOF-R2 »
making mode. All games should now save their settings correctly.
(Thanks to Flavor for providing the EEPROM docs needed ages ago!)
– Hack to enable in-game « voice » option in « Metal Slug 2 ».
– Better gfx emulation fixes a possible « NeoGeo Cup Color » freeze.
– Improved MRU list so that it’s sorted by time.
– Added dynamic support for using any connected joystick, you don’t
have to quit the program when a new stick is added or removed.

Télécharger NeoPOP v0.71/w1.06b (107.3 Ko)

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