Egalement une nouvelle version pour cet émulateur GameBoy N&B/Color pour Windows et Dos dont voici les améliorations:

– New Features:
* Emulated the Game Link Cable. Two players could play via a TCP- supported network.

– Changes:
* Removed the experimental apply-once for GameShark cheats.
* Added the support of apply-once GameShark digits – D0. (Thanks Chip B)
* Redrew the mouse to remove the « mouse dropping ».
* KiGB kept active when switched to the background.

– Bug fixes:
* Fixed the crash bug when sound could not be initialised.
* Sound was disabled when file selection dialog displayed.
* KiGB would not quit incorrectly when Esc key was pressed to cancel dialogs.
* Cancel would be interpreted instead of OK when Esc key was pressed during a dialog was shown.
* Fixed the joypad interrupt bug. Supported Double Dragon 3.
* Correctly apply 6-digits and 9-digits GameGenie codes to all banks of memory. (Thanks bas)

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426.3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440.2 Ko)

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