Une nouvelle version du driver préliminaire Laserdisc pour MAME est disponible, il ne supporte pour l’instant que MACH3, voici les améliorations:

Tided up the remaining TODO’s in the code
Amended the frame.txt so that the bomber game starts at the right point in the video

et voici ce qu’il reste a faire avant (espérons-le) un support officiel dans Mame:

Sync the sound for the bomber game
Add missing seek entries for the bomber game
Mame32/DOS port
The bomber targets seem offset horizontally, which would indicate the artwork needs to be shifted left. I need someone with a real game to confirm this.
Us Vs Them? – This is the same hardware as Mach3 so should be easy
Firefox? – Different hardware so may be a bit harder
Does anyone remember the car racing laser disk game?

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