Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC multi plateforme.



Les changements sont:
– Almost all floppy formats decoded thanks to Lone (EDSK, HFE, SCP, CTRAW, IPF)
– new ROM packages for easy use (Unidos, SYMBOS, Orgams, iMPDraw)
– Digiblaster and AMdrum for 8bits PCM output
– SSA-1, DK-Tronics and Techni-Musique speech synthesisers for hardware speech output
– PlayCity with 6 additional audio channels + programmable interrupts
– Play2CPC with 3 additional audio channels + cartridge support + VROM (512K RAM expansion mapped as ROM)
– Magnum Light Phaser Gun, Gunstick, Trojan Light Phaser, WestPhaser
– Kempston Mouse (best with OCP), AMX Mouse, SYMBiFACE-Mouse
– Dandanator for cartridge support with dedicated mapping
– Nova (NVRAM+RTC for Unidos) and SYMBiFACE RTC (for SYMBOS)
– X-MASS / IDE-HDD for Unidos or SYMBOS
– Albireo dual mapping storage for direct access with host files
– Audio ultra low latency mode (use carefully)
– Bugfixes (drive B eject, nop counter, breakpoint manager refresh, rom configuration reload, CPU load in trace…)


Télécharger ACE-DL (2024/02/13) (6.8 Mo)

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