Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC multi plateforme.


Les changements sont:
– LibSDL upgraded to 2.30.2
– Shugart Drive ready loss time accuracy based on electronic sensors
– Drive distinction between EME-150A and EME-155
– FDC stress mode for command parameters
– allow configuration menu when in debug mode
– shadowing Joystick via Keyboard emulation at startup
– new HUD icon to temporary disabling Joystick via Keyboard emulation
– pressing F3 multiple time switch between Floppy/Snapshot load
– bugfix PSG volume with very high frequencies
– bugfix USB Joystick 1 Fire mapping
– bugfix multiple unintended opening of RamDump


Télécharger ACE-DL (2024/05/27) (6.0 Mo)

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