Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Nes (si si!) dont voici les nouveautés:

– mappers: added the Bandai mapper, attracting/repelling DBZ lovers/haters,
EEPROM emulation is yet to be implemented
– draw: switched the default renderer from Composite to RGB
– CPU: fixed PLP resetting any pending IRQ
– updated blargg’s nes_ntsc to 0.2.1b1
– APU: corrected PAL noise and frame sequencer timing
– mappers: MMC1: fixed SOROM SRAM saving, SUROM bankswitching, and added SXROM
– CPU: fixed BRK not being ignored if happening simultaneously with an NMI/IRQ,
this stops Dragon Warrior 3 crashes for the 0 people that played it
– CPU: fixed PAL reset timing, again
– executable is now bundled with NeSnake 2 for the ignorant and/or lazy

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