Un plugin gérant les joypads sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

Major rewrite of code to read input, so all old bindings will be lost. Can bind half-axes to buttons. XInput support added, flip button now inverts an axis/button (up means down and down means up). Turbo added. Binding now works as people expect, when multiple binding is disabled. Removed 1D/2D options under hacks, as the FF config screen lets you do everything yourself. A couple warning dialogs added. Workarounds for a few DirectInput issues. I now queue all key presses, so PCSX2 will eventually be informed of any key press, unless you press too many at once. Multiple binding and device testing now works for all input modes. Should auto refresh device list when devices are attached/removed (Both in game and at config screen). Attempts to maintain bindings across OSes or when you move a device to another USB port, giving it a new ID.

Télécharger LilyPad v0.11.0 (2015123175709) (43,6 Ko)

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