Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Tom Charlesworth et basé sur la version originale 1.10.4 d’Oliver Schmidt.

– SSC: Support 112.5K Baud
– Dynamically generated ‘Serial Port’ drop-down menu
o Save « Serial Port Name » to Registry (instead of drop-down menu index as « Serial Port »)
– Updated Help chm’s « Transferring Disk Images » – thanks to David Schmidt
– New switches: -log, -no-mb, -spkr-max, -spkr-inc
– Debugger (v2.6.2.0):
o Added Applesoft BASIC symbols – thanks to Bob Sander-Cederlof
o Return on blank line to toggle full screen console
o Page Up/Down of console history while editing

– Fix for Speaker underflow problem (-spkr-max=200, -spkr-inc=20)
– Fix for SSC (big transfers): use queue instead of single byte buffer
– Don’t hog CPU in PAUSED mode
– Implemented the shift key mod for II/II+. This fixes a problem with Homeword
– [Bug #14879] Double-Lo-Res Graphics colors not correct

Télécharger AppleWin v1.27.4 (1,1 Mo)

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