Encore une nouvelle release pour cet émulateur Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les améliorations:

[-] Problem with no responding to mouse/keyboard when 100% of processor utilizied and system just can not switch to thread handling mouse/keyboard, finally fixed.
[*] Better Tape Load noise.
[-] (Re-)Loading disk in Disk Browser affected AY sound emulating at this time. Fixed
[-] AY sound could be garbled just after (re-)opening state (.ezx) especially if there were no AY sound there. Fixed
[-] Loading disk in Disk Browser from ZIP could sometimes crash the emulator. Fixed
[-] When loaded TR-DOS multipart game or demo which loads its parts from the disk, it could not sometimes continue next part (unless using timestamps and trying continue again). Fixed
[-] Writing to TR-DOS disk fixed.
[-] Small fix (one more, yes) in AY Sound Emulation (Exact Sound Emulation). At least one game affected: POLE.CHUDES (TR-DOS game).
[-] Possible trouble fixed while loading Autosave.ezx file with incorrectly stored TR-DOS disk image there (now message shown about it, but all other info loaded OK. In earlier versions, this could crash the emulator and make system working unstable for some minutes).
[-] High Quality Magnification + Direct-X full screen + desktop resolution = True color – in such combination of conditions the emulator crashed switching from full screen to a window. Fixed.
[-] When sound on and speed 1% (with sound at 44KHz) or near, the emulator became not responding and locked the system for a long time. Fixed.

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