Créé par Exzap (et aidé par Peter Gov), il s’agit du second émulateur de Wii U à être disponible au public mais le premier à émuler des jeux commerciaux. Il peut décrypter les images Wii U qui utilisent le format Wud mais également les fichiers RPS ou RPL. La résolution interne peu aller jusqu’à 1920×1080 selon les jeux (et au delà avec des packs graphiques). Actuellement, le DRC (GamePad), le contrôleur Pro et le contrôleur classique sont émulés. Les Wiimotes sont également émulées (y compris le support natif). Les entrées du clavier + contrôleurs USB en tant que périphériques d’entrée sont également pris en charge. La saisie tactile du GamePad peut être contrôlée par un clic gauche de la souris. La fonctionnalité Gyro est émulée avec des limitations et peut être contrôlée via le bouton droit de la souris. Cette version n’est compatible que pour les Windows x64 (à partir de Windows 7) avec une carte graphique gérant OpenGL 4.1 (ou supérieur) ou Vulkan et il faudra posséder 4 à 8 Go de mémoire vive (Ram) pour le faire fonctionner. (Correspondance ID-Titre [archive ici]).
Un tuto est disponible ici, ou ici et .
Les changements:
En résumé:
– Various bug fixes
En détails:

Vulkan: Avoid internal hash collision related to pipeline lookup
This fixes a bug where, under very rare circumstances, draw operations would render with the wrong parameters
Seen in Minecraft where the block highlighting lines would render as broken triangles, other games are possibly affected as well

Vulkan: Optimized data uploads to GPU
On systems with unified memory (integrated GPUs) we will use cached shared memory which has very low overhead
Data uploads are generally not a bottleneck in Cemu but this optimization might still help with performance on low-end systems

OpenGL/Vulkan: Fixed a regression from 1.25.3 where textures would show incorrectly or garbled

UI: The graphic pack preset selection is now more robust and consistent
Previously it was possible that the active presets would differ from the ones shown as active in the UI

UI: Fixed an issue in the texture cache viewer window where the overwrite resolution column would not show the correct value

(#xx) refers to resolved bug tracker issues. See


A noter que des packs graphiques haute définition sont disponibles ici. Ils permettent, entre autre, d’augmenter la résolution native des jeux car contrairement à Dolphin et parce que la machine est techniquement différente il n’est pas possible à Cemu d’augmenter la définition autrement que par cette méthode.
A l’inverse, des packs SD (définitions standards et/ou basses) sont disponibles sur ce lien et permettent à certains PC manquant de performance de lancer des jeux en 60 FPS.

Une liste de compatibilité est disponible ici.

Site source.

Télécharger Cemu v1.25.4 (23.9 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Gopher2600 est un émulateur d’Atari 2600. Bien que les performances ne soient pas aussi efficaces que certains autres émulateurs, il convient néanmoins pour jouer à des jeux sur un ordinateur raisonnablement moderne.


– General performance improvements
– Using the development platform as a reference, uncapped
performance is approximately 10% higher

– Fixed playfield smoothscrolling. VSYNC count not being reset
correctly. (Bug introduced during a refactor between v0.12 and v0.13)

– Better WAV/MP3 decoding.

– Updated to new core.bin of parent project

– Notification icons for cartridge event
– Cassette icon for Supercharge audio files
– Network icon for PlusROM network activity
– Savekey inserted notification icon

– Stereo mixing with stereo separation option
– More accurate volume mixing for mono signal

– All preference options are in a single window
– Categorised by tabs
– Hotkey for the preferences window in playmode is F10


Télécharger Gopher2600 v0.14 (10.6 Mo)

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AmiArcadia est le port amélioré de Tunix2001 ex ‘Win Arcadia 2001’ (par Gavin Turner) pour Amiga. Ecrit par James Jacobs et Gavin Turner, cette version est en fait le port Windows du port Amiga (un backport) !

Il émule les consoles basé sur la famille des Arcadia2001 : Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Hanimex, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Rowtron, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.
Il supporte aussi l’Interton VC 4000 et l’Elektor TV Games Computer. Il nécessite Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP et tourne aussi sous Vista/8/10.

Télécharger Win Arcadia (Ami Arcadia) v28.2 (2.5 Mo)

Site Officiel

Xemu est une application multiplateforme et open source qui émule le matériel de la console de jeu Xbox d’origine, permettant aux utilisateurs de jouer à leurs jeux Xbox sur les systèmes Windows, macOS et Linux.

Ce projet est une branche active du projet XQEMU, qui est lui même basé sur le projet QEMU qui est populaire et très activement maintenu.


A noter que la version 32 bits n’est pas officielle (réalisée par Lo v2).

Télécharger Xemu (32 bits) (2020/06/12) (6.2 Mo)

Télécharger Xemu (64 bits) v0.6.1 (2021/09/16) (8.5 Mo)

Télécharger Xemu (Debug) v0.6.1 (2021/09/16) (22.3 Mo)

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Il s’agit du meilleur émulateur de PlayStation One, devant ePSXe et pSX.

– CPU Recompiler/JIT (x86-64, armv7/AArch32 and AArch64)
– Hardware (D3D11, OpenGL, Vulkan) and software rendering
– Upscaling, texture filtering, and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers
– PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation
– Adaptive downsampling filter
– Post processing shader chains
– « Fast boot » for skipping BIOS splash/intro
– Save state support
– Windows, Linux, highly experimental macOS support
– Supports bin/cue images, raw bin/img files, and MAME CHD formats.
– Direct booting of homebrew executables
– Direct loading of Portable Sound Format (psf) files
– Digital and analog controllers for input (rumble is forwarded to host)
– Namco GunCon lightgun support (simulated with mouse)
– NeGcon support
– Qt and NoGUI frontends for desktop
– Automatic updates for Windows builds
– Automatic content scanning – game titles/regions are provided by
– Optional automatic switching of memory cards for each game
– Supports loading cheats from libretro or PCSXR format lists
– Memory card editor and save importer
– Emulated CPU overclocking
– Integrated and remote debugging
– Multitap controllers (up to 8 devices)
– RetroAchievements

Configuration requise:
– A CPU faster than a potato. But it needs to be x86_64, AArch32/armv7, or AArch64/ARMv8, otherwise you won’t get a recompiler and it’ll be slow.
– For the hardware renderers, a GPU capable of OpenGL 3.1/OpenGL ES 3.0/Direct3D 11 Feature Level 10.0 (or Vulkan 1.0) and above. So, basically anything made in the last 10 years or so.
– SDL, XInput or DInput compatible game controller (e.g. XB360/XBOne). DualShock 3 users on Windows will need to install the official DualShock 3 drivers included as part of PlayStation Now.



Les améliorations sont:
Preview Build:
– 662a758: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2595
– Unlock the CPU OC slider only when the option is checked #2602 (Silent)
– 24546a4: Update Simple-Chinese Translation to latest. (zkdpower) #2606
– Fix broken word wrap in DrawOSDMessages #2607 (Silent)
– b73c4ea: Turkish Localization update (Anderson_Cardoso) #2611
– f1d6e81: Update compatibility list (Connor McLaughlin)
– Use application icon for settings dialog (Connor McLaughlin)
– Handle unaligned accesses in safe memory routines (Connor McLaughlin)
– Use safe memory access routines (Connor McLaughlin)

Development Build:
– 106dc29: Fixed cheat type 52 only working with 1st subtype (PugsyMAME) #2460
– cbfd602: Tiny ‘fix’ – (Anderson_Cardoso) #2461
– a5f2f5d: Update localization (Anderson_Cardoso) #2462
– Fix crash in FS UI when scale changes (Connor McLaughlin)
– 494b6e0: GPU/Vulkan: Add complete VK_EXT_debug_utils API entry points (Wunkolo) #2438
– 9808918: GPU/Vulkan: Add debug utility functions (Wunkolo) #2438
– 7152ab9: Android Arrays (Anderson_Cardoso) #2464
– 3fed0d7: Android Strings (Anderson_Cardoso) #2466
– ad591f5: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2470
– cf5e291: Update Turkish localization (Anderson_Cardoso) #2471
– 7025cc3: Improved Cheat Memory Scanner functionality (PugsyMAME) #2460
– f835db6: Improved Cheat Memory Scanner functionality (PugsyMAME) #2478
– f0ab1ce: update qt spanish translation (falsepopsky) #2481
– 0576cb6: Update compatibility list (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add debug/debugfast build tag to title bar (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add regression test runner/checker (Connor McLaughlin)
– Disable rewind on 32-bit ARM/Android (Connor McLaughlin)
– Silence fast forward/turbo messages when using FS UI (Connor McLaughlin)
– 8bea6e1: GPU/Vulkan: Fix warnings introduced by #2438 (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add onscreen indicator for rewind (Connor McLaughlin)
– 94e48f7: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2479
– Add a macro to enable per-voice dumping (Connor McLaughlin)
– 93eacd0: Update Simple-Chinese Translation to latest. (zkdpower) #2480
– be6de70: Turkish localization update (Anderson_Cardoso) #2483
– 5868901: Update Russian translation (#2486) (shikulja) #2486
– Don’t time memory load/save states by default (Connor McLaughlin)
– Move fonts/logo to resources directory (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add FF/Rewind/Pause indicators to non-fullscreen-UI (Connor McLaughlin)
– Make status indicators toggleable (Connor McLaughlin)
– f0cb8cd: GL/Texture: Don’t set max level on GLES2 (Connor McLaughlin)
– Fix 16-bit display on GLES2 (Connor McLaughlin)
– 6cf1141: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2503
– 4eb7829: Update Simple-Chinese Translation to latest. (zkdpower) #2506
– Re-render display after pausing (Connor McLaughlin)
– Move default quick menu bind out of CommonHostInterface (Connor McLaughlin)
– Make timer resolution increased static (Connor McLaughlin)
– Fix compile error on Android 32-bit (Connor McLaughlin)
– Default show status indicators to true (Connor McLaughlin)
– De-duplicate stats overlay from FS UI (Connor McLaughlin)
– De-duplicate OSD messages from FS UI (Connor McLaughlin)
– Remove EnumerateOSDMessages() (Connor McLaughlin)
– 78c92a3: fixup! NoGUI: Move default quick menu bind out of CommonHostInterface (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add display enhancement settings option (Connor McLaughlin)
– Enable 8MB RAM should be disabled by all enhancements (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add icons by @andercard0 (Connor McLaughlin)
– Split icon theme and style init (Connor McLaughlin)
– Fix change disc icon (Connor McLaughlin)
– ec42a11: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2508
– 194ff9d: Update Simple-Chinese Translation to latest. (zkdpower) #2509
– Set style after creating game list (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add function to recreate the main window (Connor McLaughlin)
– Enable switching of languages without restarting app (Connor McLaughlin)
– Recreate main window/children when changing themes (Connor McLaughlin)
– Copy base translation files (Connor McLaughlin)
– Load base translation files (Connor McLaughlin)
– Implement StatFile/FileExists/DirectoryExists for scoped storage (Connor McLaughlin)
– Cancel command second response when queuing new command (Connor McLaughlin)
– Sync translation xml (Connor McLaughlin)
– ebe8625: Fix A0, A1, A2, A3 cheats (Silent) #2538
– 6015cce: Update Russian translation (#2517) (shikulja) #2517
– Fix 8MB game setting not being tristate (Connor McLaughlin)
– Use display name for playlist titles (Connor McLaughlin)
– Use display name for exe/psf titles (Connor McLaughlin)
– 0ebb791: New F6 Cheat Type (IF,ELSE IF, ELSE structure) (PugsyMAME) #2547
– 73c0382: Turkish localization update (Anderson_Cardoso) #2549
– Fix SLES-00107 (Connor McLaughlin)
– Fix memory past 2MB (Connor McLaughlin)
– Actually fix SLES-00107 (Connor McLaughlin)
– Fix second response event getting lost on state load (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add GPU::GetFullDisplayResolution() (Connor McLaughlin)
– Get rid of double GPU reset (Connor McLaughlin)
– Update display on reset (Connor McLaughlin)
– Set display parameters even when disabled (Connor McLaughlin)
– bbcf1c6: Common/Vulkan: Fix compiling on 32-bit (Connor McLaughlin)
– Call ApplyOnDisable on disabling cheats from the list #2555 (Silent)
– Update Cheat Manager state on toggling cheats from the list #2555 (Silent)
– Make advanced seting constructors return the widget (Connor McLaughlin)
– Move MSAA to advanced settings (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add comments to AdvancedSettingsWidget::onResetToDefaultClicked() (Connor McLaughlin)
– 7f3f5ce: Update compatibility list (Connor McLaughlin)
– 8d57229: Update compatibility list (Connor McLaughlin)
– Add a couple more reverb registers to debug window (Connor McLaughlin)
– 5b3c707: Upgrade Russian translation (#2563) (shikulja) #2563
– e8081f3: Atualização Português do Brasil (Anderson_Cardoso) #2568
– c1ca483: Turkish Localization update (Anderson_Cardoso) #2569
– 08d3b9a: Update Russian translation (shikulja) #2571
– 06bd4cf: Update Simple-Chinese Translation to latest. (zkdpower) #2579
– Fix missing font resource (Connor McLaughlin)
– Update notes about Android support (Connor McLaughlin)
– 6c628bb: Update compatibility list (Connor McLaughlin)


Stable Build:


Télécharger DuckStation v0.1 (2021/09/15) (18.8 Mo)

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Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE) disponible en 32 et 64 bits. Il dispose de beaucoup d’options ainsi que d’une bonne compatibilité. Il prend en charge les jeux protégés conformément à l’émulation. Il s’agit d’une version de développement au stade de béta.

Topic des versions Beta.

Télécharger Altirra (Beta) v4.0 Test 41 (5.7 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur expérimental de Sony Playstation Vita pour Windows et MacOS, émulant quelques homebrew, démos ainsi que quelques jeux commerciaux.


Site source (et builds automatiques).

Télécharger Vita3K v0.1 (2021/09/14) (9.1 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Conçu pour gérer les roms MAME, ClearMAMEPro supporte également tous les dats au format CM, mais aussi XML, permettant de gérer efficacement vos collections de roms & isos. Le manager le plus complet.
Changement :
– misc: support parent/clone relationship of devices
– misc: systems auto assign can detect empty software list folders in case they are named accordingly
– misc: software list import’s default setting is off
– misc: changed behaviour of context menu « move all incomplete sets » to « move all sets with problems » (similar for delete). This also covers wrong named etc ones, not only missing files.
– misc: contextMenu options Delete/Move/Copy Current/all [not fixed]/all sets with problems use the parent set in full merged mode
– misc: cleaning cache also cleans hashes folder
– misc: batcher’s scanner merge mode overwrite does not overwrite the information from a datfile’s forcemerging option
– misc: batcher’s rebuilder pack overwrite does not overwrite the information from a datfile’s forcepacking option
– misc: don’t stop multiple downloads on first failure
– misc: wrote a wrapper class to handle all filefind calls which weren’t 32k path length ready. This should fix all remaining long path (32k) issues.
– fixed: invalid wrong-case messages on chds with very long filenames
– fixed: wrongly list valid chds as unneeded when a no dump chd of the same name exists and ‘mark no dump as unneeded’ option is enabled



Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (XP) v4.035 (3.1 Mo)

Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x86) v4.042 (5.3 Mo)

Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x64) v4.042 (5.9 Mo)

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La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE, l’émulateur Commodore Amiga. La traduction est signée Tradu-France.

Les changements ici.
WARNING: don’t use it you aren’t sure, this is « more beta » than usually.

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 33 (4.3 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [64 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 33 (5.9 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 33 FR (6.7 Mo)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [64 bits] v4.9.0 Beta 33 FR (6.7 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un launcher et optimiseur tout-en-un pour nullDC principalement et axé sur le jeu en ligne. Il permet d’assurer une configuration facile pour nullDC (Naomi / Atomiswave / Dreamcast) mais aussi pour Mednafen (NES / SNES / Genesis / MegaDrive / GBA / GBC / Neo-Geo Pocket / PSX / Saturn / Famicom Disk Drive ) et ajoute des paramètres optimisés pour une expérience de jeu fluide.
En résumé: configuration facile, connexion facile, performances maximales et effort minimal.

Les changements:

+Fixed NES crashing bug
+Added detailed crash reports to controller saving so I can figure out wtf is going on when some people crash when saving controls. Each emulator saving is separate now and if one fails the whole program should not crash.
+Flycast: Added Macro support
+Flycast: Updated to latest commits.
+Fixed client side crashes when using Flycast
+Added inverted axis support for Flycast just in case someone is weird like that
+Added better keyboard button recognition to convert analog to digital for Flycast
+Updated GGPO Delay calculation to be 1 delay per 100ms
+Added error handling when saving Flycast controls to try to get to the bottom of the error some people are getting
+Added error handling when joining a host
+Flycast will pause when in an online session if the player goes into the game menu, instead of ending the GGPO session. So people can change their controls or whatever while playing online


Télécharger NullDC BEAR v1.94b (69.2 Mo)

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m64p (ou Mupen64Plus-GUI) est une interface graphique écrite en Qt5. Elle supporte tout ce que vous attendez d’une interface mupen64plus (sélection de plugins, édition de la configuration, gestion des sauvegardes, capture d’écran, pause, etc.).
Cette archive inclut Mupen64Plus + ParaLLEl-RDP + une interface utilisateur.
Notez que la dernière archive incluant le plugin GlideN64 est disponible ici.

– Updates dependencies (Vosk for voice, Qt, etc)
– Update Discord link

Code source. Builds ici.

Télécharger m64p (x86) (2020/06/02) (20.6 Mo)

Télécharger m64p (x64) (2021/09/10) (41.6 Mo)

Site Officiel

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Plugin de contrôle créé par AQZ permettant de jouer en réseau sur internet (il s’agit d’une alternative au plugin Kaillera).
Il est conseillé d’utiliser ce plugin avec les plugins de contrôle « Jabo DirectInput7 » ou « N-Rage’s Direct-Input8 ».

Quelques changements:
– Fix false golf mode input detection with N-Rage and XInput
– Bandwidth usage optimizations
– Log room list in server when game start
– Reduce bandwidth usage by not sending redundant delegated input data
– Send delegated input via TCP when UDP is unavailable
– Change default input plugin to PJ64_NRage.dll
– Simplify the algorithm that determines when the server should flush input data
– Fix potential deadlock that can occur when a user quits after the game has started
– Fix issue where button to take control in golf mode is tapped twice
– Fix issue with golf mode and N-Rage plugin
– Clean up TCP/UDP stuff
– Enable golf mode automatically if Mario Golf is played
– Fix potential desync when player quits during golf mode
– Implement new host input authority
– Remove old host input authority
– Misc fixes and clean up

Code source.

Télécharger AQZ Netplay Input Plugin r123 (307.6 Ko)

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