Un émulateur écrit sous Visual C++ et qui utilise DirectX. Il supporte les systèmes Sharp suivants : Sharp pc-1245, Seiko MC-2200, Sharp pc-1250, Tandy PC-3, Sharp pc-1251, Tandy PC-3 (4Ko), Sharp pc-1251H, Sharp pc-1255, Sharp pc-1260, Sharp pc-1261, Sharp pc-1262, Sharp pc-1280, Sharp pc-1350, Sharp pc-1360, Sharp pc-1401, Sharp pc-1402, Sharp pc-1403, Sharp pc-1403H, Sharp pc-1421, Sharp pc-1450, Sharp pc-1475, Sharp pc-1500, Tandy PC-2, Sharp pc-1500A, Sharp pc-1600, Sharp pc-2500, Casio FP-200, Canon X-07, Sharp pc-E500, Sharp pc-E550, Sharp PC-G850V, Casio PB-1000, Casio PB-2000C, Casio Z-1GR, NEC PC-2001, Panasonic HHC, TI-57, HP-41 ainsi que les extensions suivantes: Sharp ce-152, Sharp ce-125, Seiko MP-220, Tandy 26-3591, Sharp ce-126p, Sharp ce-123p, Sharp ce-129p, Sharp ce-120p, Sharp ce-140p, Sharp ce-150, Sharp ce-140f, Sharp ce-1600p, Canon X-710, Sharp EA-129C, Casio MD-100, Casio FP-100, Casio FP-40 et NEC PC-2021.


Télécharger PockEmul (Stable) v1.4.1 (56,3 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur de TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+(SE), TI-84+(SE), TI-85, et TI-86, probablement le plus fidèle de sa catégorie.




Télécharger Wabbitemu (32 bits) v1.9.5.20 (5,5 Mo)

Télécharger Wabbitemu (64 bits) v1.9.5.20 (5,4 Mo)

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Un émulateur HP17/19/27/28/42. Inclus les fichiers KML (pour la version dédiée) pour les machines HP-17B, HP-17BII, HP-27S, HP-28S et HP-42S ainsi que des outils et le code source.


Télécharger Emu42 (+KML) v1.19 (2,3 Mo)

Télécharger Emu42 (-KML) v1.19 (154,0 Ko)

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L’émulateur « Emu48″ a été développé a l’origine par « Sébastien Carlier » et publié sous licence GPL (nan pas le carburant). Cette version est développé par Christoph Giesselink et émule les HP38/39/40/48/49. Le service pack est à appliqué uniquement si vous désirez mettre à jour votre précédente version.


Télécharger Emu48 v1.57 (581.3 Ko)

Télécharger Emu48 (Service Pack) 57 (137,0 Ko)

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XM8 (pour eXcellent Multi-platform emulator type 8 par PI) est un émulateur de NEC PC8801MA basé sur ePC-8801MA de Takeda Toshiya.




Télécharger XM8 v1.20 (3,5 Mo)

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La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE, l’émulateur Commodore Amiga.


– Added OMTI-Adapter HD controller, same as ALF1 but different hardware base address.
– It was not possible to select HDF PCMCIA SRAM and IDE options.
– Flash ROM file and RTC battery backed up RAM file dialog didn’t allow creation of new files.
– Made disk image dragndrop floppy drive hit box larger.
– ROM panel drag drop over ROM paths will work as expected. Previously it was always autodetected and « best » ROM path was selected. Now autodetection will be only used when dropped over empty space.
– Harddrives panel CD path dragndrop update.
– ProWizard written module files now include name of inserted disk in DF0: or CD image, like screenshot file names.

x86 bridgeboard updates:
– A2286 and A2386SX emulation implemented. CPU and FPU core, keyboard, interrupt controller and more from DOSBox. A2386SX BIOS is still misdetecting things.
– Floppy drive label is changed between DF2:<>A: and DF3:<>B: if configured as PC bridge drive. (Note that if you don’t configure any PC drives, you will get really slow BIOS floppy detection)
– Added 40 track (5.25″ 360k) and 80 track (all others) drive selection. This must match inserted image or BIOS drive detection will get confused.
– Always do full disk image size autodetection when disk is inserted in PC bridge drive. Without it most dos disks was detected as undersized adf images.
– A2286/A2386 CMOS RAM is stored to disk if ROM panel Flash RAM file path is set.
– DOSBox CPU core type selectable in bridgeboard config GUI, also 8088-based bridgeboards can be optinally configured to use DOSBox CPU core.


Source: Forum des versions Betas.

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) v3.2.0 Beta 5 (3,2 Mo)

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Un émulateur de Sharp X68000/X68030.


Les changements (par Google trad):


Major changes:

  • To implement the clipboard device to Pluto-X virtual device.
  • Use (UNIX version, Mac OS X version only) SCSI / SASI mmap to access the hard disk image ().
  • Improved RTL8019AS emulation.
  • Improved keyboard matrix emulation.
    Such as


About NetBSD version

  • pkgsrc / x11 / wxGTK30 is required.


For Mac and Mac (SDL) version

  • Mac version is no sound.
  • Mac (SDL) version is as sound exits linked with experimental SDL library.
    I think that it is to operate If you install the SDL 1.2 in MacPort.


Télécharger XM6i v0.51 (5,8 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-systèmes émulant les consoles NES, SuperNes, Sega Master System, SG-1000, Sega Game Gear, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, Sega Genesis, Gameboy/Color, Atari 2600, Atari 7800 mais aussi  TI-83 Calculator.


Bizhawk utilise des fonctions d’enregistrement vidéo et est relié au projet TasVideo.


Source alternative



       – Hide Mouse Cursor on Full Screen
       – Allow Creating movies from a Savestate
        RAM Watch
           – Only show the Read/Write Breakpoints context menu if they are on the System Bus
           – Now Case Insenstive
           – Added Spatterhouse 2 LUA Collision Viewer
       – Virtual Pad’s analog sticks now properly behaves for N64 and PSX.
       – Added support for .img.ecm files
       – Show PSX Path options

        – Music Ripper added

        – Fixed loading of the pirate version of Looney Tunes Sheep Raiders (PAL)
        – PSF Support

        – Fix disc booting

        – Added an option for faster mouse wheel scrolling on the TASView
        – Fixed bugs


Télécharger BizHawk v1.11.1 (21,1 Mo)

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Créé par Marat Fayzullin, voici un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16kB/48kB/128kB et +2/+2A/+3.


  • Added Replay function, letting you « rewind » gameplay (press [F8]).
  • Made fullscreen mode more robust in Speccy-Windows.
  • Added « Stretch Full Screen » option to Speccy-Windows.


Télécharger Speccy (Windows) v3.8 (367,7 Ko)

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Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE) disponible en 32 et 64 bits. Il dispose de beaucoup d’options ainsi que d’une bonne compatibilité. Il prend en charge les jeux protégés conformément à l’émulation.

Topic des versions Beta.

Télécharger Altirra v2.70 Test 20 (3,5 Mo)

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Il s’agit d’un frontend (interface) pour l’émulateur multi-systèmes Mednafen. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK+ pour le faire fonctionner.


– [Windows] Support for XInput devices.
– Support for key assignments to (some) mednafen functions.
– Added deadzones for analog axis (Thanks to tapcio for report it).
– New tab with text widgets in order to read logs.
– Added the ability to select an mednafen executable if it is not found in path.
– [Windows] ‘video.disable_composition’ option added.
– [Windows] Missing sound driver options added.
– [Linux] Rewrite the error handling process.
– [Linux] Fix (mostly) deprecated functions.
– Better alingment between widgets.
– Minor cosmetic changes.


Télécharger Mednaffe v0.8 (304,1 Ko)

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Créée par Tino, Ishiiruka-Dolphin Custom Version est une version dérivée du projet principal (Dolphin-Master) permettant le support des anciens périphériques et de réduire l’utilisation du processeur concernant la tâche graphique.


Un accent est mis sur l’expérience de jeu et la rapidité d’émulation. Pour le moment, le travail se focalise uniquement sur DirectX 9 (qui avait été officiellement abandonné avec Dolphin 4) et DirectX 11.




Les caractéristiques sont les suivantes:


Important Features
– Async shader compilation (Avoiding shader compilation time)
– Galop’s DX11 Texture Encoder/Decoder (Improve Texture decoding specially EFB TO RAM)
– Pre compiled Vertex loader & Optimized vertex decoding using SSSE3 and SSE4
– Dolpby Pro Logic II support for xaudio and openal
– Larger internal resolutions (IRx6) to allow 4k gaming
– Custom Texture improvements to allow direct compressed texture loading including mipmaps
– DSP – Time Streching Option (Improve sound output to avoid sound skipping on slow machines)
– DX9 support for old machines
– Modified Post Procesing interface to support:
– Multiple Stages allowing more complex effects.
– Depth and native gamma as inputs.
– DX11.
– Custom version of DolphinFX that work under dx11 and ogl
– SSAO and DOF.

Other Features
– Multithreaded Shader Compilation
– Early depth test implementation to correct related issues and increase performance
– Fast-Depth option now control the use or not of the accurate early z emulation so enabling fast depth will give a speed boos in some systems
– Fast EFB Access. Implement global EFB Access Cache to reduce GPU stalls caused by CPU access to the efb (This option is Hack Tab in Gfx Options)
– Shader generation Path reorganization to improve performance
– Implemented 3d support for Side by side/TopBottom 3d rendering
– Many DX9 old bugs fixes (ZComploc, Tev emulation, etc)
– Others fixes and little improves.

Site des sources ici.

Un pack de shaders est également disponible ici.


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