Richard Gellman a reprit le développement de cet émulateur BBC et Master 128. Utiliser la version 1.05 si cette version est trop lente.

– IDE hard drive interface.
* Limited IDE_Geometry command supported, allows 4 heads x 64 sectors
(disks up to 512M), and 16 heads x 64 sectors (disks larger than 512M).
* SCSI and IDE hard drives selectable/configurable.
* Disk images referenced by DiscsPath setting.
– Double-sided SSD disks supported (image file>&40000 bytes long).
– Debugger updates, bug fixes and addition of « script » command.
– XAudio2 sound support (thanks to « bredbored »).
– Added a couple of TV resolutions to the DX video mode menu.
– Fixed bug where disk drive sound sticks on.
– Fixed keyboard issue for Dr Who game.

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