Nouvelle version pour ce très bon émulateur multi-système émulant le SG-1000, SC-3000, Sega Mark3, Master System, Game Gear mais aussi la Colecovision et l’Othello Multivision… De plus cet émulateur supporte les thèmes !!!

Comme toujours, pas mal d’améliorations au programme:

– Fixed Z80 interruption timing.
I have tested several « sensitive » games and nothing should have been
broke, but please e-mail me if you notice anything unusual.
In addition, the fix allowed to remove the need for a custom parameter
in MEKA.NAM for 5 more games.
– Fixed MEKA.PAT which added a bug to pausing in Wonder Boy III [SMS].
The bug was a leftover of one of my working session, and I forgot to
remove it before releasing the official distribution of version 0.65b.
– Fixed user inputs during the next frame after loading a savestate.
Previously, they were reseted on savestate loading, meaning that your
inputs were ignored on the first 1/60th second after loading. Although
this is not dramatic in most cases, in a few it made savestates unusable
because the player would die on loading without being able to react.
Now you have that missing 1/60th second.
– Attempted to fix the occasionnal crash on shutdown. I don’t know if it
happens anymore or not.
– Updated Swedish translation (by Henrik Sankala).
– Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists.

Télécharger Meka (Dos) 0.64b (744,0 Ko)

Télécharger Meka (Win) 0.73 (745,2 Ko)

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